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Would you like to learn how to solve crosswords like an expert? Are you frustrated with not being able to solve US-style English crosswords from respected ...

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Would you like to learn how to solve crosswords like an expert? Are you frustrated with not being able to solve US-style English crosswords from respected newspapers and perhaps even doubting your ability? Now there is an app for that. ******* iOS9 users See note for keyboard usage below ******* Join the thousands of people that have used this app to improve their skills enough to be able to solve published crosswords that they once thought were beyond their abilities. Exquisitely designed for the iPad by the creators of Across Lite, the most widely used crossword solver software since 1995, this crossword skill building kit will help you improve your skills considerably. Not with boring study material or tests - just by solving specially created crosswords. What it is: - The most enjoyable and sophisticated crossword solver ever built - An included collection of 75 crosswords professionally constructed to teach how to solve crosswords with learning notes for each crossword What it is NOT: - Crossword solver for Across Lite crosswords available on the web Using a unique interface that looks like a printed crossword, the app lets you focus on improving your skills even if you have never used a crossword app before. There is a friendly animated audio walk-through to get you started if you need it. Crossword solving skills are a combination of ability, technique and practice. The automated help in scanning and selecting clues to solve that captures techniques from expert solvers will help you incorporate those techniques into your solving. The carefully and professionally constructed 75 crosswords included in the kit take you through a progression of easy, medium and transitional levels, with increasing levels of word play and themes while familiarizing you with some of the oft-repeated crossword "cliches" that makes solving harder puzzles easier. Brief notes for each crossword provide learning points. You should be ready to tackle most reputable crosswords by the time you finish the included crosswords. If you need additional crosswords for practice, you can purchase more crosswords from renowned authors from inside the app. We hope you enjoy this lovingly-crafted app as much as we have enjoyed building it. Note on keyboard usage in iOS5: The virtual keyboard is available only in portrait mode because of available screen size. This is the only difference between the landscape and portrait modes. An external keyboard can be used in either mode. The unique side keys allow you to solve the crossword while viewing the entire crossword like a printed page in either mode. The portrait mode allows you to use the docked virtual keyboard or the split keyboard configuration introduced in iOS5. If you prefer the split keyboard, we suggest the following: Click on the keyboard icon at the bottom to bring up the full key board. "Split it apart" using two fingers to get the split keyboard at the bottom of the screen so you can see the full grid and the two clue lines (current and crossing). ****** NOTE for iOS9 users ******* Keyboard work-around until fixed: 1. Tap the side keys in the middle or away from the edge of iPad screen 2. External keyboard can be used in portrait orientation if possible


Technical specifications

Version: 3.1.0

Size: 11.87 MB


Price: 5,87 €

Developed by Literate Software

Day of release: 2010-10-15

Recommended age: 4+

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