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The iPad app for unlimited solving of professional crosswords published for Across Lite. Whether you are a beginner or a fanatical expert, you will be ...

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The iPad app for unlimited solving of professional crosswords published for Across Lite. Whether you are a beginner or a fanatical expert, you will be able to enjoy some of the best in crosswords daily. ******* iOS9 users See note for keyboard usage below ******* "Anyone Can Solve Crosswords With Across Lite for iPad" - PadGadget Recommended app This lovingly handcrafted third-generation solver is our thanks to our loyal users, many of whom are Across Lite users for more than a decade. If you find published puzzles difficult, you can purchase our highly acclaimed trainer crossword series inside the app. INTRODUCTION: Across Lite is the de facto standard for publishing crosswords on the web - from newspapers such as the NY Times to independent authors - most of which are available free. The app includes a set of bookmarks (see screenshot) to some of the well-known sources. It works well with the web browser on the iPad. When you visit a web page with Across Lite crosswords, just tap the download link. It is that simple. Puzzles are downloaded and available to solve even when offline. HIGHLIGHTS: People who have used Across Lite on any platform know there is nothing Lite about it. The third-generation pushes it even further to keep it the most sophisticated crossword app on the iPad like its desktop counterparts. In addition to Across Lite signature features you have come to expect such as pen and pencil modes, extensive check and reveal commands, etc., there are new ground-breaking features: - For the traditionalists, the unique Page View mode allows you to view and solve the crossword just like a printed crossword, the closest you can come to solving on paper. The List View provides the conventional computer-like interface for the gamers. But here is the best part - with single taps you can instantaneously switch back and forth between them allowing a type of solving never before possible. Once you get used to solving like this, nothing less will do. - The app contains our unique invention - SmartMove™ - which captures a method experts instinctively use to solve in a criss-cross manner leveraging previously entered letters. Use it for a while and you will develop that habit for fast and effective solving. UPGRADE: We request serious solvers and those who appreciate our efforts to consider purchasing an upgrade from inside the app. The upgrade enables the following: - A timer for those who wish to measure themselves. - Ability to enter multiple characters for rebus puzzles. - A unique color and contrast setting feature designed to reduce eye strain from looking at the traditional white background (perhaps because we, at Litsoft, are getting older!). It can be customized to personal tastes and to light conditions, so for example, solving in the dark does not turn you into a lighthouse for your spouse. - A unique touch sensitivity adjustment for clues, grid and keys because no two people touch the iPad the same way. Just try it out and we are certain that over time you will discover and come to appreciate all the small touches we have embedded in the app. Enjoy! ****** NOTE for iOS9 users ******* Keyboard work-around until fixed: 1. Tap the side keys in the middle or away from the edge of iPad screen 2. External keyboard can be used in portrait orientation if possible NOTE about availability of crosswords: - This app is just a solver for independent crosswords published online in Across Lite format. Other than any crosswords for sale inside the app, it is NOT a supplier of crosswords. - To respect a site's terms of service and to avoid copyright infringement, it does NOT scrape websites or otherwise fetch crosswords for you. - It does NOT guarantee availability of crosswords from publishers who make their own decisions on availability and access including charging for them on their web sites. If there are any problems with the access to crosswords on any site, please contact the site directly.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.1

Size: 11.93 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Literate Software

Day of release: 2011-12-21

Recommended age: 4+

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