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Action Apps automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in business data right from your iPhone. Action Apps are easy to build, require ...

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Action Apps automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in business data right from your iPhone. Action Apps are easy to build, require no training and provide value far beyond traditional business intelligence applications. This version of Action Apps is targeted at Sales and Marketing managers, and provides access to Salesforce, LinkedIn and Google Analytics Data. You can build a personal app that detects events important to you and initiate automatic action. You do this using an intuitive interface where you simply select the data; set the triggers and define the action you want - without any help from your IT dept. For example, Sales managers can be alerted if a key deal slips anywhere in the world and automatically arrange a review with the sales team. Or Marketing Managers can track leads from a key campaign and automatically alert if they are not followed up in a given time. Marketing managers can also be alerted if a Salesforce Lead is created for a company that they have contacts with in LinkedIn. A Marketing manager could also be alerted when Google Analytics tells them that a prospect from a company they are communicating with has just visited your website. Key Features: - Get alerted about any significant Salesforce, LinkedIn or Google Analytics events important to you - Intuitive interface for end users to define Action Apps in minutes - Supports multiple Action Apps to customise actions for different events, such as a new object being created (like a Salesforce Lead or LinkedIn Contact), an object being changed in any way (e.g. an Opportunity was updated), or something was deleted - Designed to support Salesforce Opportunities and Leads, LinkedIn and Google Analytics - Simply select any field to watch, define the triggers and filters and Action Apps will alert you every time the event occurs - Try Action Apps on sample data to appreciate its simplicity and value - Unlock access to your live Salesforce, LinkedIn and Google Analytics data when ready - Simple on/off switch to activate your Action Apps - Choice of update frequency for each Action Apps - Data Driven menus for fast and easy option selections How do I get going? 1. Install the App 2. Experience the power of Action Apps by using the built - in Sample Salesforce data 3. When you’re ready to use your live Salesforce, LinkedIn or Google Analytics data, make sure Safari Cookies are enabled in iOS Settings 4. Tap the ‘New App’ button to start building your first Action App. Important Note: Action Apps allow you to log-in using your Salesforce, LinkedIn or Google Analytics ID to receive alerts about your live data. However, this login information is never stored on the device or on Actian servers. For more information tap the App Support button below. We would love your feedback on Action Apps’ features, usability, or ideas for new data sources. If you have any comments, questions or concerns please email us at action_team@actian.com And once you've built an Action App tweet the following: I've just built #actionapps to ... e.g.: track my slipped deals or: It would be cool if #actionapps could track ... e.g.: Campaign success rates in Marketo


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Version: 4.1.5

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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