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Acupuncture Point Location Flashcards and MORE! The Ultimate Acupuncture Point Location Study Tool for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad by Eastern Essentials, ...

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Acupuncture Point Location Flashcards and MORE! The Ultimate Acupuncture Point Location Study Tool for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad by Eastern Essentials, LLC. Created by California Licensed Acupuncturist, Jeremy Speiser, L.Ac. Copyright 2012 For 1st semester students just learning acupuncture points for the first time, as well as advanced students studying for their board exams. Included is a reference guide for all of the points organized by meridian including extra points, and beautifully designed charts for everything you will need such as Luo Points, Source Points, Extraordinary Vessels, Xi-Cleft Points, Five Shu Transporting Points, etc. We created a system where as you go through a series of cards, a card must be answered correctly 4 times in a row to be considered memorized, then that card is taken out of the deck, and then a new card comes in. Anytime a card is answered incorrectly, 4 more times in a row is needed to have it taken out of the deck. This assures total mastery of the information. All the cards are based on the Beijing book, Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, which is the standard for Chinese acupuncture terminology in English. Points can be studied in sets of 8 or all at a time. They can be studied by meridian or if you are real ambitious, you can study all of the points at the same time shuffled. These are the modes: Point Names vs. Point Location Point Location vs. Point Names Special Points vs. Special Qualities Special Qualities vs. Special Points In the Special Qualities and Special Points sections, you can study special properties of points such as Xi Cleft, Source Point, Lower He -Sea points, Five Shu-Transporting Points, Back Shu Points, Window of the Sky Points, etc. The Meridians to choose from will be: Lung Meridian Large Intestine Meridian Stomach Meridian Spleen Meridian Heart Meridian Small Intestine Meridian Urinary Bladder Meridian Kidney Meridian Pericardium Meridian San Jiao Meridian Gall Bladder Meridian Liver Meridian Ren Mai Du Mai Extra Points. Only by tapping the reset button, will your flashcard game start over. Closing the app, receiving a phone call, going into the reference section, or even turning off your phone, will keep your place of where you are at in your studies. This enables students to be able to study for weeks at a time, without losing their place. Point names are given in English, Pinyin including tones, and in traditional and simplified Chinese characters. You can even use this app to help you learn how to pronounce the acupuncture points properly in Chinese. We also have a Chinese Herbal Medicine Flashcard app using this same system, for 108 herbal formulas, including the 83 California State Board Formulas. Also included is a complete reference guide for all of the formulas. If you find any mistake or inconsistency, or you have any technical issues in any way, please email us at support@easternessentials.com and we will fix the problem right away. All upgrades and fixes will be free uploads once you’ve purchased the original app. Please see our other 2 apps, for studying Chinese herbal formulas and for Learning Mandarin Chinese! Enjoy!


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