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Adding Machine Universal: 10 Key Calc

As of 9/25/2013 all iOS7 compatibility issues have been fixed. Please make sure you have downloaded v4.3. We apologize for any inconvenience!! ================ ...

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As of 9/25/2013 all iOS7 compatibility issues have been fixed. Please make sure you have downloaded v4.3. We apologize for any inconvenience!! ================ Adding Machine Universal will run on either your iPhone or iPad and supports the latest iPhone5 4 inch retinal display. Please Note: 'Adding Machine Universal: 10 Key Calc' is not a calculator for the typical user. Operator entry is reversed like a true '10 Key' adding machine. The App also accurately replicates percentage calculations of a 10-Key by adding percentages to a stream of numbers. PLEASE SEE THE 1ST FAQ BELOW. Try before you buy. Find our 'Adding Machine Free Universal' in the App Store. If you are looking for an easy-to-use chaining calculator, also with percentage/tax capabilities, please find our 'Accountant for iPad' product in the App store. ==== Recent Press ===== Currently featured in iTunes "What's Hot" in the Finance Category. Strategic Finance (Tools of the Trade): "If you're looking for a professional desk calculator that can give you full 10-key accounting functions with a tape you can name and save, edit, e-mail, or print, check out Interlocken's 10 Key for iPad." ================= Specifications: ================= ● One App runs on either iPhone or iPad ● Behaves the same as a '10 Key' adding machine. ● Export a PDF file to iBooks©, DropBox©, Email, or your favorite printing utility. ● TypeTone - a major innovation to aid accurate key entry using audio feedback. ● Full size (1:1) keyboard. ● 400 lines of paper tape history. ● 3 display formats: fixed, fix+, float ● Save paper tapes to disk for later use. ● Correct numbers, add comments, add/delete lines ● Two keypads offer the 'total' key on the left or right side ● Comprehensive set of help screens. ● 4 Orientations: Landscape Left/Right + Portrait ● International number formatting (Settings -> General -> International -> Region Format -> select region). ================ FAQ's Q1. What is the difference between this App, 'Adding Machine: 10 Key Calc HD', and 'Accountant for iPad' in the App. Store.? A1. Both calculators are single-column adding machines or calculators with full-size (1:1) keypads and are optimized for the iPad User Interface. '10 Key' behaves the same as a 10 Key Adding Machine with reversed operator entry while ‘Accountant Calc’ supports the free chaining of +, -, x, /, %, √, 1/x and is easier to use if you are not familiar with how a '10-key' works. Q2. Can I touch-type? A2. 10 Key Calc HD comes as close to touch-typing as a touch-screen can be. v2.1 introduces TypeTone. With TypeTone, a key will guide your finger back to the center of a key with an audio tone. Q3. How can I edit an incorrect number or add & delete lines from the paper tape? A3. Touch any line of the paper tape to go into edit mode. Touch the side controls: Add Line, Delete Line. You can also edit numbers, split Add/Sub or Mul/Div groups. Press Done to return to Calculator mode.


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