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Official Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press • Contains over 380,000 words, phrases and examples • ...

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Official Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press - Contains over 380,000 words, phrases and examples - A wealth of explanations on use and grammar - No internet connection needed. Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) is one of the top publishers of authoritative high-quality dictionaries in China and is comparable to any top European dictionary maker. Its dedicated team of lexicographers makes use of a vast array of language data to compile up-to-date dictionaries with a wealth of examples and grammatical information. This app contains both an English to Chinese and Chinese to English dictionary, perfect for beginner to advanced learners of Chinese and English. - An Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary by FLTRP, 1st Edition. - Little Chinese-English Dictionary by FLTRP, 1st Edition. Features of this dictionary: - clearly presented word entries and phrases totalling 40,000 for Chinese and 80,000 for English. - 50,000 Chinese and 210,000 English examples from contemporary language. - includes 5000 newly coined terms as well as encyclopedic entries, e.g.'非典'→ SARS, 'ç‹—ä»â€é˜Ÿ'→ paparazzi. - all word entries are annotated with their pronunciation. Pinyin for Chinese words and IPA (phonetic alphabet) for English. - enter Chinese using Pinyin or built-in handwriting recognition software. - listen to Mandarin and English native speakers' pronunciation of words. - no internet connection necessary to use dictionary. - supports iOS 3.1 and above including multi-tasking and Retina Display. --Vocab Revision-- - History menu lists all your recent word searches. - Save words and expressions to any number of flashcard folders. - Mark flashcard words which need you still need to memorize. *Follow us on Twitter* www.twitter.com/diotek __________________________ 英汉汉英词典 - 外语教学与ç â€Ã§©¶å‡ºÃ§‰ˆÃ§¤¾ - 对于想要一本词典çš„英语学习者来说是最佳选择,词汇涵ç›–广泛。 - å…±æ‶录英文和简体中文词条 94,120。 ç‱一æ 高素质团队,经验丰富çš„词典学专家们ç¼–制而成。 - 使ç
汉语拼音或手写识别查词。 - 每词条里可以听普通话和英语母语发音。 - 使ç
词典无需互èâ€Ã§½‘连接。 - æ 持IOS 3.1及以上包括多任务处理。 英汉: 高级英汉辞典,外语教学与ç â€Ã§©¶å‡ºÃ§‰ˆÃ§¤¾, 第一版. - å…±æ‶录词目、短语80,000条;例证210,000个.特别加æ‶大量新词、新义、新习语。 - 涵ç›–大中学、ç â€Ã§©¶Ã§â€ŸÃ£€æ‰˜Ã§¦Ã£€é›…思、爱普、GRE、MPA、MBA等英语词汇,å…±æ‶单词及短语七万余条。 - 释义准ç¡®,简明清晰,标注词性。 - 例句丰富,自然地道,完全ç‱在美国教学、工作多年çš„专家学者审订。 - ç
法,并提供历史背景知识。 - 采ç
最新版(第十äºâ€Ã§‰ˆ)国际音标。词目词和派ç‟词划分音节。 汉英:汉英小词典外语教学与ç â€Ã§©¶å‡ºÃ§‰ˆÃ§¤¾, 第一版. - 本词典以深受读者青睐çš„外ç â€Ã§¤¾Ã£€ŠÃ§Ž°Ã¤»£æ±‰è‹±è¯å…¸Ã£€‹(新版)为蓝本,增加了大量çš„新词新义和丰富çš„例证ç¼–写而成。 - æ‶词量大:å…±æ‶录基本词条35,000余条,派ç‟词条5,000余条,在同类词典中首屈一指。 - æ‶词新颖:å…±æ‶入新词新义5,000余条,如非典、ç‹—ä»â€é˜ŸÃ£€è´ºå²Ã§‰‡Ã£€å¬è¯Ã¤¼šÃ§­‰Ã£€‚ - 例证丰富:本词典的例证多达50,000余条,对于读者确切理解词条含义和掌握具体ç
法大有裨益。 - 标注词性:对汉语词条çš„词性进行标注,引导读者深层次把握词条在具体语境下çš„含义。 复习词汇çš„特殊功能 - 历史记录列出所有最近搜索单词 - 通过闪卡能保存任一词汇 - 记闪卡词汇以便需要持续熟记çš„词汇


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