Adventures Undersea Combo

***************************** On Sale - 50% OFF Price ***************************** Learn Mathematics and Spelling Visually - Solve all 30 levels on ...

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***************************** On Sale - 50% OFF Price ***************************** Learn Mathematics and Spelling Visually - Solve all 30 levels on the treasure map to find the treasure chest guarded by Mermaids at the end of the game. 5 Apps Combo in 1 ------------------------------- 1) Addition 2) Subtraction 3) Multiplication 4) Division 5) Word Spelling Note: Switch between app functions in Settings Game Objective: The object of the game is to unlock all levels and reach the final level. The levels are unlocked when the puzzles are solved, and as the levels progress, the puzzles are more challenging and less time is given to complete the level. How to Play: Drag the wooden game pieces to the correct grid guide. As the game is played, each correct answer reveals small parts of a hidden secret picture. Once solved, the whole secret picture is revealed. Every level has a different secret picture to discover. Settings: - Sound Effects: Turn ON or OFF sound. - Advanced Mode: When ON, increases the difficulty of the puzzles. Suitable for older kids that needs to be challenged. - Game Timed: When OFF, no time limits during game play. When ON, time limit is applied, ever decrease as the levels get higher. Recommended to turn it OFF for beginners so that the added pressure will not make learning intimidating. *** Suitable for ages 3 and older.


Technical specifications

Version: 7.1

Size: 36.39 MB


Price: 3,80 €

Developed by Hien Ton

Day of release: 2012-04-13

Recommended age: 4+

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