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The application interfaces with 1000's of Recruitment Agencies. It has been fully modularized allowing users to customize the application to their own ...

Discontinued App


The application interfaces with 1000's of Recruitment Agencies. It has been fully modularized allowing users to customize the application to their own needs. In Tab 'Extensions' AgeGa can be configured with 2 kind of extensions: DataSets and Modules. 1. DATASETS include recruiters from different industry sectors and geographies. Currently, the following geographies are available: 1.1 Recruiters UK 1.2 Recruiters Belgium (planned) 1.3 Recruiters Netherlands (planned) 1.4 Recruiters France (planned) 1.5 Recruiters Germany (planned) 1.6 Recruiters Ireland (planned) 2. MODULES deliver the set of functionalities to interface with agencies. Additionally each Module can include Settings to further configure its behavior. Settings can be found on the description page of each module. Currently, the following features are packaged: 2.1 Extensions Module: * About AgeGa * List products included on Vaalbara Suite * Tell a Friend * Feedback on the application is appreciated * Setting: Theme configuration between tens of predefined templates * Setting: Page size configuration on data fetch 2.2 Browse DataSet Module: * Switch the dataset * List 1000's of Agencies ordered by Job Count * List 1000's of Agencies ordered by distance * List 1000's of Agencies ordered by Agency Name * Allow search by Agency Name * List full data of offices per Agency ordered * User feedback on data. Despite we try to maintain data up to date, we always appreciate your support * Locate offices on map by Agency * Locate all offices on map paginated by distance to reference location. It is possible to fetch next page by tapping on button '...' * Tapping an office's marker opens an infoview with details of the particular office * Allow street view for each office. Not always available * Mark and unmark current reference location by tapping the button '+' * Setting: Configuration of user's reference location. 2.3 Browse Jobs Module: * Show count of jobs at source listings * Show jobs by source listing * Sources ordered by number of openings * Show Latest Jobs * See Job Details * Show jobs in the map 2.4 User Management Module: * CVs can be imported from external apps (Open In "AgeGa", e.g. from Mail). * Allowed formats are Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF * Only one CV can be activated at any time. This is required for other functionalities * CVs can be removed from AgeGa 2.5: Ads Free Module * Allows Removing Top Banner Advert 2.6 Send CV to Agencies Module * Update CV on agencies by sending the activated CV * Credits available: 30, 100 and Unlimited CV Deliveries (5 included by default) * Setting: Configuration of body of the email sent to agencies * Setting: Confirmation of CV Delivery can be added/removed 2.7 Email Notebook Module (planned) 2.8 Apply for Jobs Module (planned) 2.9 Get accurate Matching Notifications Module (planned) 2.10 Get Agency Stats Module (planned) 2.11 Get Industry Stats Module (planned) 2.12 Get Role Stats Module (planned) 2.13 Get Skill Stats Module (planned) 2.14 Get Advice Module (planned) If you are interested in new geographies/sectors or functionalities for you needs, we welcome user proposals.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 4.88 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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