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✭✭✭ Our new App, Inkflow: The Visual Thinking Tool, is now live in the App Store as a FREE Download Today! ✭✭✭ Turn your iPad into a wireless ...

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✭✭✭ Our new App, Inkflow: The Visual Thinking Tool, is now live in the App Store as a FREE Download Today! ✭✭✭ Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! Annotate PDF documents and images live. ✭✭✭ Air Sketch was selected by MSNBC for use On Air! See our blog for details. ✭✭✭ You can now project PDF documents (such as exported PowerPoint or Keynote decks) to a computer on the same local network, then annotate them in real time, all from your iPad. Air Sketch is great for presentations in the boardroom, classroom, or on the go. Just fire up Air Sketch on the iPad and open the specified URL from any HTML-5 compatible browser on the local network. Your photos and drawings show up natively in the browser. There's no additional client software to install, or services to subscribe to. Tip: You can also find the link in Desktop Safari's Bonjour bookmarks: Show All Bookmarks menu ➢ Bonjour. No longer be tethered to the podium! Connect your laptop to a projector to present and draw from your iPad as you walk around the room. You can also easily pass your iPad around to allow others to contribute. Incorporate the iPad into your desktop-based workflow: Record videos of your live Air Sketch drawings, or share them live with remote colleagues via any online meeting or desktop sharing software (such as iChat or WebEx). Air Sketch is also the perfect companion for family games of Pictionary or as a virtual coloring book. Note: Air Sketch is designed to work optimally with landscape documents and with a single computer connected to the same local network as your iPad. ✭✭✭ Features: ✭✭✭ âœâ€ Fast and fluid sketching on the iPad using your finger or 3rd party stylus (such as the Pogo Sketch). âœâ€ Real-time sketching to your browser: Strokes show up as you draw, network speeds permitting. âœâ€ Open PDF documents from Mail or other Apps in Air Sketch to wirelessly annotate and project them (note: The iOS "open in..." menu is scrollable). Email the full annotated versions afterwards. âœâ€ Set the background image from any picture in your photo library. âœâ€ 5 drawing tools: Pencil, pen, marker, brush, and highligher. âœâ€ A fully customizable color palette (tap on the selected color to edit it). âœâ€ Fluidly zoom and pan using 2 fingers to edit your sketches in minute detail. âœâ€ Instantly save and restore snapshots of your sketches using the camera tool. âœâ€ Email your sketches as PDF or images. âœâ€ Multi-level undo and redo. âœâ€ You can even use Air Sketch peer-to-peer with a computer via an ad-hoc network when a WiFi hotspot is unavailable (see our blog for the quick how-to). Air Sketch supports any HTML5-capable browser, including the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and even another iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch! Please drop us a note (via App Support) and let us know how you are using Air Sketch. We'd love to hear from you and do consider all the feedback we receive for future releases. Want to present PDFs and pictures from your iPhone? Check out our sister Apps, Air Projector and Air Scanner, now available in the App Store! Follow us on our blog or at twitter.com/qrayon to get the latest updates and be the first to hear about new releases. ✭✭✭✭✭ Please rate this app! Your 5-star ratings are super important, and help support the development of more free updates.


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