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The only aircraft weight and balance calculator you need!!! SLIDERS Through the use of sliders, you can quickly change passenger, bag, and fuel loads ...

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The only aircraft weight and balance calculator you need!!! SLIDERS Through the use of sliders, you can quickly change passenger, bag, and fuel loads and immediately see the effect on CG. With the use of standard weight you can double tab any object and set its weight to its standard value. 100% customizable and super quick. GRAPHING In app graphing will plot your aircraft’s CG envelope and current CG position on a custom graph. You can also select the track changes option that will record plot the changing CG as a line on the graph. REPORT After computing you CG you have the option to view a ‘Report’ which will create a PDF weight and balance report listing all the aircraft weights, arms and moments with totals for BOW, Zero Fuel, Ramp Weight and Takeoff Weight. This report can be viewed from the device, printed to a compatible printer, or sent as an email attachment. Perfect for showing how the CG was computed. EXPORT Share you aircraft with other Aircraft W&B app users through email with Export. This is a great way to backup you profile remotely, send to another device or send to a friend flying the same aircraft. CUSTOMIZE Setup your own aircraft from either one of the pre-configured templates or create your own custom calculator. Setting up your aircraft from a template cannot be easier. Just select the aircraft type from the list, enter your aircrafts tail-number, empty weight & moment and you are off and running. Custom aircraft can also be entered one of two ways. Either select and edit a pre-stored aircraft template or configuring a new one from scratch by selecting ‘Custom’ from the aircraft template list. Either way, you can set forward and aft cg limits, fuel capacity & arm, seat and baggage locations, and BOW items stored in aircraft. Multiple aircraft tail -numbers and types can be added. Current templates include: AA5 C150M C152 C172N C172R C172RG C180K C182R C182Q C182RG A185F C206H C210M DA40 SR20 SR22 - Avidyne SR22 - Perspective SportCruiser PA-28-181 PA-44-180 PA-44-200 PA-44-200T V35B Any aircraft can be added that has a linear cg limit between limits. An unlimited number of cg limit points can be added. Aircraft must have a fixed arm for the aircraft fuel. Think your aircraft model should be added as a template? So do we, just email the aircraft information to and it will be included on a future update.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.0

Size: 3.81 MB


Price: 3,80 €

Developed by Advanced Aviation LLC

Day of release: 2012-10-24

Recommended age: 4+

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