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移动航展App是珠海航展公司与珠海市泰铭多媒体技术开发有限公司合作为第九届中国航展量身订做的移动展示服务平台,集观展服务、交通住宿、旅游推广为一体,作为中国航展观展指南的有效延伸,移动航展App为了使观众更深层次的了解航展、参与航展、体验航展,App为观众提供了包含航展历史、订票指引、行车指南、餐饮住宿、温馨提醒、航展花絮等众多实用功能在内的丰富参展信息,让观众能够享受航展的同时体验移动互联网时代为观展、旅行带来的便利与享受! The ...

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移动航展App是珠海航展公司与珠海市泰铭多媒体技术开发有限公司合作为第九届中国航展量身订做的移动展示服务平台,集观展服务、交通住宿、旅游推广为一体,作为中国航展观展指南的有效延伸,移动航展App为了使观众更深层次的了解航展、参与航展、体验航展,App为观众提供了包含航展历史、订票指引、行车指南、餐饮住宿、温馨提醒、航展花絮等众多实用功能在内的丰富参展信息,让观众能够享受航展的同时体验移动互联网时代为观展、旅行带来的便利与享受! The Mobile Airshow China application is an official mobile-end information services of the 9th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition supported by Taiim co. For exhibitors and fans who are going to join the event, could easily view the wonderful event on iOS devices anywhere now. This App has an exhibition handbook functions as: - Exhibition information - Transport information - Accommodation information - Travel route guide - Event timetable - Exhibitor list More than an Exhibition Handbook, the mobile Airshow App also provides numerous practical functions and rich knowledge. The information includes: - Airshow history - Ticket information - City view guide - Catering information - Accommodation information - Emergence direct call services - Airshow sidelights. The new updates may appear in November. The support services may continue before next event. Wish all could have a good experience and enjoy this great event in China.


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Developed by Taiim Multimedia Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Day of release: 2012-10-11

Recommended age: 4+

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