Discontinued App


"I have never come across an application like this, and I would love to see it implemented into more apps." - iAppsForTeachers "An excellent way to teach ...

Discontinued App


"I have never come across an application like this, and I would love to see it implemented into more apps." - iAppsForTeachers "An excellent way to teach your toddler their alphabets." - Famigo "Perfect for those parents who are teaching their children how to spell and want to have fun doing it" - iPhoneMom +++++ 1st Place Winner of Startup Weekend Surabaya, Indonesia (Oct 2011) +++++ Accompanying your toddlers while they use iPad apps to learn the alphabets is the best gift you can give them. But for days when you're not around, Akzara is there to help you. Not only would your toddlers be guided with a clear voice-over while playing and interacting with our animal animations, you'll be able to read insightful reports on our award-winning Parents Zone feature. We believe apps should be smart. Our Parents Zone is designed professionally to provide you with insights on how long your toddlers have been playing with the app throughout the day, how many puzzles have been completed, and which letters they're having problems with - allowing you to make the best decision on what to improve in the toddlers interaction with this app and their other learning media. Features + Intuitive drag n' drop gameplay + Interactive animation - children will always try tapping on everything, including the animals (try it!) + The current version includes 40 animal animations and sounds + Gameplay mode for upper-case and lower-case letters + New Original Music + Smart Levels where the puzzle difficulty will increase based on your children's ability to solve the puzzles + Clear voice-overs providing guidance even when the parents aren't around and the toddlers are sitting idle + Tapping on the blank tile will help provide an additional guidance to the toddlers on which letter they should select + Tapping on each letter will help your children learn how that letter sounds + Record both incorrect and correct attempts - helping parents to pinpoint problematic (or similarity in) letters + Upon each puzzle completion, the voice-over will spell each letter that makes up the word + Record the playtime for each letter - helping parents to prioritize which letters they should help their toddlers with + Notification Badge will show up in the app icon to alert you that your children have played since the last time you checked the Parent Zone Parents Zone Features + One-click button to remove all usage data - should you choose to start from scratch + Group usage data by date for easy access + Daily statistics include total playtime, number of puzzles played, number of puzzles correctly solved on the first attempt, and accuracy rate (number of correct attempts divided by all attempts) + Daily statistics include three puzzles solved within the fastest time and three puzzles solved within the longest time + Highlighted puzzles will display the sequence of letters attempted by the toddlers until they are solved + Chart Reporting for the level achievements + You can adjust the levels for your children, e.g. to restart from Level 1 (or any unlocked level) + You can choose to switch on/off the background music, voice over and sound effects + You can now send us feedback on how we could improve the app from inside the Parent Zone Please visit our website, http://akzara.com, and watch our demo video at http://youtube.com/akzaraapp We believe you and your children will love this app as much as we do. Note: We recommend Akzara to be used by children ages 1-3. We only use internet connection if you want to send us feedback from inside the Parent Zone. We do not require internet connection for the other features of this app.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 18.07 MB


Price: 3,76 €

Developed by Hidden Apps

Day of release: 2011-12-18

Recommended age: 4+

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