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Algebra Explained c. 3 Solve for x

Try Algebra Explained and see why people are saying, "Love this app", "Bravo", "Fun and interesting", "Terrific" and "[Jamie] is a great teacher... 'THE ...

Discontinued App

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Try Algebra Explained and see why people are saying, "Love this app", "Bravo", "Fun and interesting", "Terrific" and "[Jamie] is a great teacher... 'THE BEST'!". The Algebra Explained series teaches algebra using ENTERTAINING VIDEO LESSONS, study cards and practice problems to make learners successful and interested. Expertly designed by a former math teacher with a Masters in Curriculum and Development, Algebra Explained connects abstract concepts to relevant real-world topics using fun lessons that explain algebra in a meaningful way. The creative and often humorous lessons are taught by the enthusiastic Jamie with assistance from her sidekick, Carter. These colorful lessons will fit interesting learning and efficient practice into any busy schedule. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on tutoring when you can receive excellent instruction at your convenience, for an exceptional price. With Algebra Explained you can have your tutor with you at all times. Chapter 3 focuses on solving linear equations, AKA "Solve for x." Jamie gets out her mud truck this chapter to give you an unforgettable way to solve equations. She even recorded a music video to make sure you will always remember to do your work on both sides of the equal sign. Lastly, she jumps from an airplane to show a complex real world equation. Algebra Explained includes the following features: • Each lesson is an expertly produced video with clear examples that use coloring and animation to highlight key concepts • 10 thoughtfully created and sequenced practice problems per lesson • Study cards for key facts with the ability to edit, create or delete study cards • Email study cards • Electronic scratch paper • Electronic graph paper • Calculator • Quizzes and a test • Problems & lessons that emphasize personal finance • History of practice sessions • Souvenir diploma for graduates • **Add additional learners for free** • Password protected login if desired • Reporting to track progress by learner, lesson or date Chapter 3 covers the following concepts: • Solving equations • Distributing • Review of negative numbers • Review of absolute value • Review of fractions • Review of order of operations Each chapter in the series is sold separately. Algebra Explained is also an excellent review of algebra for college placement exams or for adults returning to school as well as a great way to stay fresh during the summer or prepare for the coming school year. The series can also help assess your child's readiness for algebra. Be one of the first 25 people in the world to graduate from this chapter and get your name in our Hall of Fame. (No cash value) http://www.iLearnFastSoftware.com/halloffame.html For additional information visit http://www.iLearnFastSoftware.com Watch sample lessons on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/iLearnFastSoftware


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Version: 2.0.1

Size: 554.24 MB


Price: 3,56 €

Developed by iLearnFastSoftware.com

Day of release: 2011-05-17

Recommended age: 4+

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