Algebra I Review and Study By App, LLC have partnered to create a comprehensive Algebra 1 app. The Yay Math movement and this project are built on an understanding ...

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Description and Study By App, LLC have partnered to create a comprehensive Algebra 1 app. The Yay Math movement and this project are built on an understanding of Algebra's importance, not just for this class, but also for advancing to next levels. The consciousness of this app is in decreasing student anxiety over math, clarifying topics that regularly confuse students in the classroom, and meeting the unique needs of the busy, time-deprived, always on-the-go student. With this app, students receive 12 audio lessons each of which contains complete step-by-step guides and examples and 25 robust flashcards, constructed in easy to understand, succinct terms. Each lesson also has a 50-question multiple choice test with carefully crafted hints for approaching the problems and complete explanations for incorrect answers. In addition, the app allows students to track performance and time. Those lessons are: Intro to Algebra Know your Numbers Solving Equations Exponents and Polynomials Factoring Factoring to Solve Equations Graphing Lines Systems of Equations Radicals Percents and Variation Inequalities, Absolute Value Completing the Square, Quadratic Formula What stands out about this app is exactly at the heart of what makes Yay Math special: energy. Informal language, disarming tone, positive approach, thorough step-by-step instructions, and a constant mindfulness of student achievement are the platform from which the content is delivered. Your success is valuable, and it is with that sentiment that this app was made. Best wishes in all your endeavors. Algebra App development, biography: This app was developed by Robert Ahdoot, a full-time high school math teacher since 2005, and founder of The Yay Math video project is a free service dedicated to meeting the growing need for math success in a positive, lively, and confidence-boosting way. Yay Math stands as the only online video lesson series filmed in a live classroom, with real student interaction. It has grown into a global movement, boldly redefining how people perform better in their math coursework. We appreciate your feedback. For questions or comments please email:


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Version: 1.1.1

Size: 167.55 MB


Price: 3,33 €

Developed by Study By APP, LLC

Day of release: 2010-12-20

Recommended age: 4+

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