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Algebra Readiness

**REAL TEACHER TAUGHT LESSONS** Algebra Readiness: This course teaches whole numbers, operations on whole numbers, rational numbers, operations on rational ...

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**REAL TEACHER TAUGHT LESSONS** Algebra Readiness: This course teaches whole numbers, operations on whole numbers, rational numbers, operations on rational numbers, symbolic notation, equations and functions, and the coordinate plane. This course offers 11 full chapters in three parts with 6-8 lessons each chapter that present short easy to follow algebra readiness videos. These 5 to 10 minutes videos take students through the lesson slowly and concisely. Algebra Readiness is taken by students after Pre-Algebra if they still need to review skills before algebra or instead of Pre-Algebra for students who only need a review class before Algebra or if students want to firm skills prior to Algebra. Chapter 1 Variables and Algebraic Expressions 1.1 Variables and Expressions 1.2 Exponents and Order of Operations 1.3 Exploring Real Numbers 1.4 Adding Real Numbers 1.5 Subtracting Integers 1.6 Multiply and Dividing Real Numbers 1.7 The Distributive Property 1.8 Properties of Numbers Chapter 2 Integers and Exponents 2.1 Solving Two Step Equations 2.2 Solving Muti-Step Equations 2.3 Solving Equations With Variables on Both sides 2.4 Ratios and Proportions 2.5 Equations and Problem Solving 2.6 Mixture Problems Chapter 3 Equations and Applications 3.1 Inequalities and their Graphs 3.2 Solving Inequality by Add Subtract 3.3 Solve an Inequality Multiplying and Dividing 3.4 Solve Muti Step Inequalities 3.5 Solving Compound Inequalities 3.6 Absolute Value And Inequalities Chapter 4 Rational Numbers 4.1 Graphing data on the Coordinate Plane 4.2 Greatest Common Divisor 4.3 Equivalent Fractions 4.4 Equivalent Forms of Rational Numbers 4.5 Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers Chapter 5 Rational Numbers Operations 5.1 Adding Rational Numbers 5.2 Subtracting Rational Numbers 5.3 Multiplying Rational Numbers 5.4 Dividing Rational Numbers 5.5 Solve Equations By adding and subtracting 5.6 Solving Equations by Multiplying 5.7 Zero and Negative Exponents Chapter 6 Rates and Proportions 6.1 Ratios 6.2 Rates 6.3 Dimensional Analysis 6.4 Applications of rates 6.5 Proportions 6.6 Fractions, Decimals, Percent 6.7 The Percent Proportion 6.8 Problem Solving - Make a Table 6.9 Problem Solving - Draw a Graph Chapter 7 Applications of Percent 7.1 Fractions Decimals Percents 7.2 Finding percent of a number 7.3 Percents and Proportions 7.4 Percents of Change 7.5 Applications of percent Chapter 8 Linear Functions and Graphing 8.1 Graphing in the Coordinate Plane 8.2 Length in the Coordinate Plane 8.3 Functions 8.4 Graph Linear Functions 8.5 Slope 8.6 Slope and Direct Variation Chapter 9 Inequalities 9.1 Writing inequalities 9.2 Solving Inequalities by Add and Subtract 9.3 Solving Inequalities by Dividing 9.4 Solving Inequalities by Multiplying 9.5 Solving Two Step Inequalities Chapter 10 Exponents and Equations 10.1 Properties of Exponents 10.2 Power Rules 10.3 Exploring Roots 10.4 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions 10.5 Solving Muti Step Equations 10.6 Solving Equations with variables on both sides Chapter 11 Introduction to Geometry 11.1 Triangles and Quadrilaterals 11.2 Congruency and Similarity 11.3 Coordinate Plane 11.4 Perimeter 11.5 Area 11.6 Problem Solving - Make a Model 11.7 Solid Figures and Volume 11.8 Surface Area


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