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Algebra Solver is a must have application for students! Unlike most math programs, this program is NOT just a flash card application. Algebra Solver SOLVES ...

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Algebra Solver is a must have application for students! Unlike most math programs, this program is NOT just a flash card application. Algebra Solver SOLVES math formulas and equations; after you solve them, you can even EMAIL them to others using the built-in email button. From simple formulas, to more complex physics problems, we have (or will have) it here! If you need help with a topic, join the new Algebra Solver Online Community, available only to purchasers of Algebra Solver. Access the community from within the app or from your computer! We know we don't have every formula (yet), but thats were you come in! If we don't have it, use the in-app submission form to send us the formula or problem-type and we'll make every effort to include it in the next update! Currently Supported Functions are: Pythagorean Theorem Solve Triangle Solve Square Solve Rhombus Solve Parallelogram Solve Cube Solve Cone Solve Trapezoid Solve Cylinder Solve Pyramid Solve Circle Solve Velocity Solve Position Solve Sphere Solve Triangular Prism Solve Area of A Hexagon Solve Angles of Polygons Constant Acceleration Friction Centripetal Acceleration Torque Kinetic Energy E=mc^2 Distance between 2 points Midpoint between 2 points Slope between 2 points Slope Intercept Form Point Slope Form Heron's Formula Reduce Radicals Prime Factorization Complex Interest Calculator Solve basic linear equation Deluxe Unit Converter Trigonometry Review Sheet In-App Scientific Calculator Quadratic Equations Custom Formula (for advanced users) -Get exclusive access to the Algebra Solver online community, where you can help or get help with problems from people around the world. Wolfram Alpha Portal In-App Reference Material, covering a wide variety of math topics(some material duplicated and provided offline with permission from the freely available tutorials archive at http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/) See a formula missing? Send it in! We also include an email address to contact us directly. We pride ourselves on our integrity, email us with your problem, and we GUARANTEE a personal response within 24-48 hours (usually sooner). We intend to maintain a rapid update cycle, as soon as we're done with one we'll start on another! Each update will introduce as many formulas as we can pack in! Our goal is to become the One-Stop-Shop for Math Answers. Eventually, we'll be able to replace all those old out-dated Calculator programs with this one App! THE MORE FORMULA SUBMISSIONS WE GET, THE MORE FORMULAS WE CAN ADD INTO THE PROGRAM! Try Algebra Solver Today! Email us with any questions, comments, or problems. E-mail: LeeThibaultDevelopment@gmail.com


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Version: 1.1.2

Size: 4.78 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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