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- iPhone 5 support - Super easy and a brand new way to learn numbers in Japanese!!!! Please check our promo video. * Can ...

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- iPhone 5 support - Super easy and a brand new way to learn numbers in Japanese!!!! Please check our promo video. * Can you say the following numbers in Japanese? 12 months ¥1 million $1 billon 100 hours 1500 people 5 bottles of wine 10 glasses of beer PM 7:35 July 4th, 2012 You can learn all about numbers in Japanese with CosCom's All About Japanese Numbers * CosCom Language Service, Inc. is expert in teaching Japanese language to business people and their families who come to Tokyo from overseas. CosCom has established a good reputation for practical Japanese language programs that precisely suit individuals' needs. These programs are very much appreciated by many foreign companies in Tokyo. CosCom has also developed numerous unique materials that are based on our long-established Japanese teaching experience. Many of our materials aim to help learners acquire practical Japanese language most efficiently in a short period of time. For more information, please visit * How far can you count in Japanese? All About Japanese Numbers helps you learn how to count up to 999 billion in a very interactive and interesting way. All the audio contents of "All About Japanese Numbers" are recorded by CosCom's professional Japanese instructors so that you will be able to learn the native Japanese pronunciation. All About Japanese Numbers' [Natural Japanese Engine] reads out with the native Japanese pronunciation any number you choose between 1 and 999,999,999,999. You can learn how to count in Japanese in no time. * You can compose Japanese sentences that include different numbers. You can learn how to count numbers as well as creating sentences that include various numbers and words. Constructing sentences is super easy. You can form many sentences by touching and flipping words. You can also listen to the sentences you've created with native Japanese pronunciation. You will enjoy a very interactive experience with All About Japanese Numbers and it will help you speak whole sentences including Japanese numbers. The following categories are included in All About Japanese Numbers. - Basic number - Ichi System - Basic number - Hitotsu System - Money - Dollar - Money - Yen - Ages - Hours - Months - Large animals - Small animals - Books - Bottles, poles, sticks - Glasses, cups - Floors - Houses - Machines, cars - Order, rank - Papers - People - Small objects - Times * Telling date & time in Japanese What month is it? What day is it? What time is it? You can learn how to tell the date, the time and the day of the week in Japanese


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