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All-in-One Unit Converter

The All-in-One Unit Converter is a "must have" for any serious iPhone user. Ideal for businesses and travelers, use the All-in-One Unit converter to ...

Discontinued App


The All-in-One Unit Converter is a "must have" for any serious iPhone user. Ideal for businesses and travelers, use the All-in-One Unit converter to convert any unit of measurement, money or volume to any other! The sleek, easy-to-use interface makes calculations quick and easy. The user-friendly screen interface lets you see items at-a-glance, so you can convert quickly while you're on the go. You can also deactivate units of measurement that you don't use or need, making the All-in-One Unit Converter as effortless as conversion can be! With over 100 different possible units, you're never more than a few taps away from the crucial conversion information you need for your business or travel. The All-in-One Unit Converter will convert to and from: Length Weight Area Volume Temperature Time Fuel Consumption Speed + Many more! As you can see, you're never far from the conversion you need - right when you need it! But that isn't all. There are numerous conversion applications for the iPhone already. For the business professional or traveler, you need something that fits your unique needs. That's why we've included a number of exceptional features that can be accessed on-demand directly from the iPhone, including: * Up-to-date Currency Converter Why download an iPhone app with outdated currency information? The All-in-One Unit Converter regularly displays up to date currency information, helping you convert to and from any currency (over 130 countries supported) easily and effortlessly. Never miss out on the best exchange rate again! *Zone Scheduler Scheduling meetings in the local time where you are has never been simpler! Immediately see what time your meeting or presentation is at your new destination, so you can avoid the effects of jet lag and unpreparedness once you arrive. Create appointments with ease and confidence, no matter where you are! * Enhanced Favorites Menu Why be restricted to saving a handful of your favorite conversion units when the All-in-One Unit Converter lets you do so much more? In addition to storing your most-used unit conversions, you can also store cities and currencies for quick access to time zone changes, monetary exchange and much more. This is a feature you can't afford to be without when traveling often! * Instant Calculations Why keep clearing the screen when making calculations? Each time you choose a unit and enter an amount, the All-in-One Unit Converter automatically recalculates, saving you time and hassle. Intuitive User Interface - The All-in-One Unit Converter was built for the needs of business travelers and busy executives who don't have time to fuss with complicated menus, unresponsive buttons and slow-loading times. You need instant access to conversion information and your schedule, and the All-in-One Unit Converter delivers. Forget fumbling for information - with this converter application, conversions can be done in seconds without needless searching to find the right units. Quite simply, if you're looking for a conversion program that just converts - there's no shortage of applications to choose from. However, if you need a complete conversion program that helps boost your productivity, ease your travel stress and make your meetings shine - you want the All-in-One Unit Converter. For the price, you'll agree that there's no other conversion program that does so much for so little. Why have just any converter application when you can have one that actually helps you perform and present more efficiently? The All-in-One Unit Converter was built for speed and efficiency without sacrificing the interface to bring you a stylish, easy-to-use conversion utility that no iPhone user should be without. From the moment you add it to your applications, we think you'll agree that all other conversion programs are simply…conversion programs.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 618.18 KB


Price: 0,94 €

Developed by Pinch Swipe Tap Pty. Ltd.

Day of release: 2009-03-27

Recommended age: 4+

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