All my Love (for You) HD by Dominique Maes

---------------------------------- COMMENTS AND AWARDS ---------------------------------- * Digital Storytime: "most enchanting, hand-drawn and whimsical ...

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---------------------------------- COMMENTS AND AWARDS ---------------------------------- * Digital Storytime: "most enchanting, hand-drawn and whimsical illustrations I've seen in a book app." * Best Apps for Kids: "This love story is designed with all readers in mind. From the illustrations in shades of blue and light bursts of color to the story itself, the book has a very classic feel." * Fun Educational Apps: "Its use of scary monsters that are tamed reminds me of “Where the Wild Things Are,” and its intricate and clever illustrations remind me of “Jamberry.” Each page is a panorama, filled with characters, animations, and unexpected surprises. It’s hard to explain, but there is a dream-like quality in the way the story is told." * Best ebook app for children Award received at Dem@in Le Livre digital book fair in Paris (jury composed of French publishing professionals and app reviewers). ---------------------- ABOUT THE APP ---------------------- "This is a love story, written just for you. Dare to read it, and share it with your loved ones: your dad, your mom, and your friends." All my Love (for you) is the perfect app for parents wishing to share a tender moment, reading with their child.  It is an application with a rare poetic spirit, designed for both children and grown-ups, through which a father expresses and shares his love for his child. It’s filled with wonder and a love of life, poetically exploring what’s meaningful, with the simplest ideas being the most memorable.  This is an iPad & iPhone app full of surprises:   * blue illustrations that get progressively more colorful when touched * hidden, out-of screen landscapes to be discovered, fostering curiosity and out-of-the-box thinking  * small surprises, treasures and rewards enticing them back to the story  * the capability for little users to hide their own secrets and drawings  * original soundtrack composed and played by the author  This project fully leverages the graphic possibilities offered by the iPad’s high definition retina screen, while at the same time respecting traditional drawing techniques - hatching and cross-hatching traced with a blue BIC pen. The stunning result reconciles adult artistry with children's literature on tablets!  ------------------------- PRIVACY & SAFETY ------------------------- As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the "KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE" best practices for kids’ apps. Please check our website for additional information. --------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE AUTHOR-ILLUSTRATOR --------------------------------------------- Dominique Maes is a well-known Belgian artist who has already published many books for children and adults. Dominique has a very characteristic writing and drawing style, a fine sense of humor and an attention for details in the fore- and background of his illustrations.  ------------------------------------ ABOUT ------------------------------------ We publish high quality multilingual applications and ebooks targeted at the youngest readers. More than just books – shared memories! is a trademark of the group Des Carabistouilles SPRL. Email:


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 312.76 MB


Price: 4,66 €

Developed by Des Carabistouilles SPRL-BVBA

Day of release: 2012-10-15

Recommended age: 4+

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