Allen L1 CFA® Exam Audio Series: 2014 Edition

Level I CFA® Exam Audio Series: 2014 Edition Listen to the CFA® Exam Audio System everywhere you go! On your commute. While you travel, exercise...and ...

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Level I CFA® Exam Audio Series: 2014 Edition Listen to the CFA® Exam Audio System everywhere you go! On your commute. While you travel, exercise...and even sleep. - Running Time: 35 Hours! • Learn anytime, anywhere! Allen Resources: CFA exam prep since 1993 "I probably kill 15 hours per week while driving. Listening to the audio series is a great way to put that time to use. The TestBank and audio greatly improve your chances of passing the exam." Bill Johnson Orlando, Florida "The Allen Resources' Study Tools are great! The first time I took Level I, I did not pass. After purchasing the audio series, I passed Levels I and II consecutively. You have the best CFA study material." Theron Holladay Abilene, Texas "The audio was very helpful. I used them over and over. I was able to use the audio in the car, on planes, in the yard, etc." Richard Sandefur Norcross, Georgia "The combination of your audio series and study manual allowed me to get up to speed on a significant portion of the material within just a few weeks. Thanks Larry!" Dean Graves Los Angeles, California "Excellent! Audio is top quality! Keep up the good work!" Sean McGee Somerville, New Jersey "I loved the audio series! I have a long daily commute, so to listen to these in the car was very helpful. They made my attention span longer!!" Clare Hansen Seattle, Washington "The audio provided an effective means of turning "down time" into productive time." Juan Cazorla Chesterfield, Missouri ******** Use your Audio Series while... - Commuting...Learn on your way to and from work every day. - Traveling...Learn as you're on the go. - Exercising...Gain the knowledge as you lose the pounds. Are you making the most of your limited study time? Our Audio Series provides you with a comprehensive, high-quality series of audio, presenting the Learning Outcome Statements in a question and answer format. FACT: When you hear information repeatedly, you'll remember it for a longer period of time. The Audio Series maximizes your knowledge, concentration, and retention. The Audio Seminar Series is a proven time saver. The Audio Series is organized by subject area, which will help you customize your CFA study program. During any given day, you will have many opportunities to listen to the series. This is time that should not be wasted - turn your downtime into productive time. We don't gloss over any subject. Allen Resources thoroughly summarizes every assigned reading from each study session. They are unsurpassed: - Well-paced narration allows you to easily grasp the material. - Our material is delivered effectively, optimizing your ability to listen and retain the information. - Gain more quality study time and enhance your learning when reading and note-taking are not feasible. Use our Audio Series while you drive, commute, travel, exercise or do almost anything. Put our CFA Exam Audio Series to work for you... - Makes the most of your time - Helps you focus on key topics - Reinforces every subject - Well-organized by subject - Professional, well-paced narration ______ Contact us if you have any questions about your CFA exam prep: Allen Resources, Inc. | CFA Exam Prep Since 1993 Web: Email: Phone: 401.965.0340 CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by Allen Resources, Inc. CFA Institute, CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.


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