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"It’s very well-designed and smartly implemented." - Macworld - The possibilities are endless, as you learn to read, write and spell phonetically, composing ...

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"It’s very well-designed and smartly implemented." - Macworld - The possibilities are endless, as you learn to read, write and spell phonetically, composing words and stories, with original illustrations. Based on the proven methodology of Montessori. "A Montessori-specific app developer with some nice introduction apps looking at math, letters and writing." - Wired "All of (the Montessorium apps) are perfect for toddlers to get to know letters, numbers, and start making words…" - Not Cot "Minimalist yet engaging, the sleekly designed app makes self-directed learning what it should be: Fun, simple, yet effective." - Maria Popova —— YOUR CHILD WILL LEARN: • Basic foundations of language • To read, write and spell phonetically • Identify consonants and vowels • Phonograms - writing and pronunciation • Letter sounds, pronunciation and composition • How to compose, identify and spell phonetic words • To write, create and read stories • Fine motor skills —— PRACTICE WRITING AND READING Utilizing fun and unique illustrations, your child will practice writing and reading, in a series of self-directed and engaging activities. Start with phonetics and then proceed to phonograms! CHOOSE AN ARTIST We offer over 100 unique, phonetic illustrations, from 3 different internationally acclaimed artists: Zeptonn, Mike Lowery and Marloes de Vries. Alpha Writer comes equipped with one batch, and you can upgrade for the other two! CREATE YOUR OWN STORY Let loose in this creative writer's sandbox. Learning how to write, create and ultimately read, your child has the opportunity to construct stories, through illustrations, letters and sounds. ALPHA SPY We're very pleased to introduce and feature a special new section. It's called Alpha Spy, riffing on the famous "I-Spy with My Little Eye" adventure. Hope you enjoy! THE TESTED AND PROVEN PHILOSOPHY BEHIND ALPHA WRITER In Montessori, writing comes before reading. This is because writing is the expression of your own thoughts, whereas in reading, you must identify the letters placed in formation to comprise a word of someone elses choosing. For children just learning their letter sounds, this can be an extremely difficult and frustrating task. We're hoping to help alleviate that with Alpha Writer. The moveable alphabet was created for children who have the ability and interest to start writing and reading, but don't quite have the fine motor skills needed to hold a pencil and draw the letters. It's also helpful for children who would like some added practice, having the opportunity to express themselves with no external pressures. At this stage of development, Montessori believes that spelling is not essential. Thus, we place an emphasis on the phonetic sounds used to build a word. —— We would love to hear from you. · Visit our website: · Follow us on Twitter: @montessorium · Join us on Facebook: @montessorium.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 66.46 MB


Price: 4,66 €

Developed by Montessorium, LLC

Day of release: 2010-12-17

Recommended age: 4+

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