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AlphaDrop Lite is the ad-supported version of AlphaDrop. Watch out! Letters are falling from the sky! AlphaDrop Lite is a word game with all the options ...

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AlphaDrop Lite is the ad-supported version of AlphaDrop. Watch out! Letters are falling from the sky! AlphaDrop Lite is a word game with all the options you're looking for whether it's a fast-paced race against the clock or a relaxed cerebral experience. You might be thinking, why do I need another word game? I've already got this one, that one and the other one. Well, here's why... - AlphaDrop Lite includes ONE of FOUR games... AlphaDrop Lite features Drop'Em mode where, as you may have guessed from my warning, letters fall onto the board from above. But don't let any of your letter columns get too high, or your game is over. All is not lost, however. Shake your device to clear all the fallen letters . The paid version of AlphaDrop gets you three additional games. In Replace'Em mode, start with a full grid of 56 letters. As you use letters to spell words, those above slide down and new letters drop in to refill the grid. Also, don't miss , Clear'Em mode where you use letters one time only. The goal is to use all your letters, so choose your words carefully! Finally, in SpeedUp mode, create words just as you would in Drop'Em, but the longer you play, the faster the letters fall. How many levels can you conquer? - Heaps of customization possibilities... You can choose from among 5 Drop 'Em speeds to suit your age, ability and/or need for abuse and earn speed bonuses for the faster speeds. Play any of 5 timed games, or if countdowns don't suit you, go with a Marathon so your game can be as long as you like. You can quit your Marathon game at any time by touching the timer. - AlphaDrop is pleasing on the eye... What can be more relaxing than blue skies, fluffy clouds and colorful parachutes? Nothing comes to mind but give me a minute. Nope, I still can't think of anything. Anyway, you can choose among 50 different letter types or allow AlphaDrop to decide for you. - AlphaDrop will make you smarter... With an optimized dictionary search engine, your words are checked on the fly. When your current word appears in white text, you've chosen a valid word. Though I can't guarantee your spelling will improve, I'm pretty sure it will. Besides, sometimes you'll be surprised at what's in the dictionary! - Simple to play... Touch any letters whether or not they're connected to select or deselect them. When your game ends, just hit the play button to start a new one. - For Drop'Em, play continues until either the countdown timer expires or if one of your columns reach the clouds. - For Replace'Em, play continues until the timer expires or you touch the timer when playing a Marathon. - For Clear'Em, play continues until you cleared all your letters or no more possible words exist. - For SpeedUp, play continues until one of your columns reach the clouds, with letters falling faster with each level. Well, that's about it. Hours of mind-stretching fun and enjoyment are just a click away. Enjoy! In case you didn't feel like reading the above, AlphaDrop features... - Drop 'Em game mode, with Replace Em', Clear 'Em, and SpeedUp game modes available with the purchase of AlphaDrop - 5 timed game options plus a Marathon mode - 5 speeds from Slow to Insane - 50 letter styles - Pause or exit at any time, you're game in progress can always be resumed - Pleasing colors and graphics - Mellow, but optional, sound effects - Fast, on the fly dictionary search - Comprehensive dictionary of 276,000+ words based on ENABLE2K - Includes UK English words


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Version: 1.1

Size: 3.02 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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