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*** A Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner *** *** Recommended as New & Noteworthy in UK & Ireland *** *** Fun Educational Apps Top Pick *** "a precious ...

Discontinued App


*** A Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner *** *** Recommended as New & Noteworthy in UK & Ireland *** *** Fun Educational Apps Top Pick *** "a precious letter learning and loving app...Three areas of learning will get the youngest learners (1-4 years, give or take) interacting and getting creative with letters all at the same time." -Smartappsforkids.com- "Alphabeasties is such a cute app, and perfect for the young ones in your family. The varied repetition of each letter is perfect for practice that won’t get stale or boring. Having a model is particularly useful for those of you with budding writers." -Funeducationalapps.com- "Alphabeasties brings a fresh new approach in today’s crowded world of alphabet apps. Alphabeasties has plenty of fun to offer juniors as young as one year old."-geekwithjuniors.com- "you should definitely check out Alphabeasties. With Alphabeasties, children can explore the alphabet through award-winning art and unique educational activities!" -TheiPhoneMom EXPLORE THE ALPHABET WITH AWARD-WINNING ART AND UNIQUE EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES! Introduce your child to the alphabet with the award-winning Alphabeasties – animals cleverly composed of the first letter of their name. From an alligator made from the letter A to a yak made from Ys, Alphabeasties Amazing Activities includes 26 original letter tracing - beastie revealing activities, 26 uniquely interactive coloring, sticker, and activity pages, with a full bonus set of animated flashcards. Wildly creative animated animals take to the screen in an explosion of colorful letters. Playful, typographically inspired illustrations combine with crisp, intuitive app design. The result? A completely modern journey through the ABCs. Alphabeasties Amazing Activities is an interactive version of the original follow-up activity book , created by award-winning graphic designers Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss, the original bestselling Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types which won: Parent’s Choice Silver Award Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Best Books Award HAVE FUN LEARNING: 1) Letter names 2) Upper and lower case letters 3) Different forms letters can take 4) Connection between letter names and starting sounds 5) Animal names 6) Printing upper and lower case letters 7) Visual discrimination 8) Thinking skills 9) Imaginative drawing and coloring FEATURES: 1) Easy to use navigation 2) Animated hints and guidance 3) Music and narration can be turned on and off independently 4) Completed activity pages can be saved to the camera roll 5) No in app purchases or advertisements Recommended Ages: 3-6 FUNCTIONS: READ & WRITE: By tracing upper and lower case forms of each letter, your child helps to build and reveal the interactive, animated Alphabeastie or object that starts with that letter (A – Alligator). COLOR & DRAW: A collection of interactive activity pages, one for each letter of the alphabet. Letter tracing, matching, drawing, stickers, coloring, and connecting the dots are all included in this diverse arrangement of delightful pages that reinforce letter names and forms. LEARN: A full set of colorful flashcards feature both upper and lower case letters on one side with an animated, interactive Alphabeastie ingeniously built from the first letter of its name on the other. Alphabeasties Amazing Activities is an educational alphabet experience like no other. Ideal for discerning parents and children, Alphabeasties is an aesthetic triumph of brilliant design and cleverly integrated learning activities. Download these incredible letter-creatures today for hours of interactive discovery! Please share your thoughts with us- Like us and earn freebies: facebook.com/cjeducations Visit us: www.cjeducations.com Email us for app support: cjeduapps@cj.net Delightful Learning Experience – CJ Educations


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 73.19 MB


Price: 3,99 €

Developed by CJ Educations

Day of release: 2013-05-9

Recommended age: 4+

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