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▶ Best Alphabet Apps for Toddlers and Preschoolers - ▶ Recipient of Appysmarts Editor's Favorite Badge - PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS APP ONLY WORK ON IPAD 2 AND IPHONE 5 OR BETTER! ====== Reviews ====== ▶ "...we highly recommend Alphabet Jumbled." ▶ "This is a great app for learning names of the alphabet..." ▶ "This is an app you should not miss." ▶ "Since autistic children are such visual learners, this app is perfect..." ▶ "It trains kids to learn alphabets in the most entertaining way." ▶ "Alphabet Jumbled is a very effective educational and game app..." ▶ "...this application helps children practice the alphabet in many different ways." ▶ "...the developers have thought outside the box." ▶ "...good variety of modes of play." Follow us to get early access to updates, announcements and giveaways! LIKE: ▶ Featured #1 in Games>Educational>New section in iTunes (UK & SG)(at its peak) ▶ Featured #2 in Games>Educational>New section in iTunes (US)(at its peak) ▶ Featured #21 in Games>Educational section in iTunes (AU)(at its peak) Had enough of same old Alphabet song, flash cards and posters? Here’s a fun interactive app to get your kids started on their ABCs! We provide 5 fun steps in Alphabet Jumbled to learn your A B C! ▶ KNOW YOUR A B C - Recognize the 26 letters ▶ FLASH CARDS - Familiarize with the ABCs ▶ EASY JUMBLE - Start un-jumbling 5 letters jumbles ▶ JUMBLE A-Z - Arrange the alphabets in the correct order in the shortest time possible! ▶ JUMBLE CHALLENGE - Can you un-jumbled all the letters under a minute? Our advice: Practice your jumbles before heading here! Such a fun way to learn alphabet! Kids will not have a problem with their A B Cs, ever again! Video: ========= More from us ========= Visit for more educational apps and resources! Other great educational games by Pixel Interactive: - Learning Tots Animal DX (iPad and iPhone) - Fido Goes Places DX (iPad) - Learn to Count (iPad and iPhone) - My 1st Songs Collection (iPad and iPhone) - Counting Numbers 123 (iPad and iPhone) ========= Change Log ========= What's New in Version 1.2: - Improved fonts for lettering - Option for capital letters - Option for plain letters - Option for phonics audio - Bugs fixed


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7.1

Size: 19.89 MB


Price: 1,86 €

Developed by Pixel Interactive

Day of release: 2012-06-4

Recommended age: 4+

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