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Alphabet Learning Tool Games HD

********************************************** New FREE iPad app: "ABC Phonics Word Families" Over 635+ Vocabulary Words to Learn ********************************************** ---------------------------------- NOTE: ...

Discontinued App


********************************************** New FREE iPad app: "ABC Phonics Word Families" Over 635+ Vocabulary Words to Learn ********************************************** ---------------------------------- NOTE: This is design specifically for the iPad. We have the same app for the iPhone / iPod Touch named "Audio Baby Talking Learning Pad". ---------------------------------- Essential Learning Toolkit of the Basics for Kids ABC ALPHABET: Recognition and pronunciation with associating word (i.e. "A as in Apple") to reinforce connective learning. - Upper-Case and Lower-Case Pairing - Two Writing Styles: 1) Print 2) Cursive The game has TWO Learning Modes: ----------------------------------------------- 1. TRAINING (learn at your child's own pace) 2. QUIZ INTERACTIVE CHALLENGE (recommended only once your child is comfortable in the training mode). The Training mode is designed to let your child go through every topic at their own comfortable learning pace. The Quiz Interactive Challenge reinforce comprehension learning and also teaches listening to instructions. It is in a friendly Question and Answer format along with fun sound effects and animations to give feedback based on their response. INSPIRATION: -------------------------------------------- Developed by a group of parents and educators as a Supplemental learning resource. The game mimics and automates how they would go over each lesson with their own children, focusing on Associative and Cognitive Learning Techniques. ** Pre-Recorded Voice Audio is from a North American Speaking Professional ** Suitable for kids 2 years and older.


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