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AlpineFlower Finder Lite

LITE-VERSION OF THE FAMOUS SWISS MADE APP ‘AlpineFlower Finder` This free, cut-down version offers a small selection of 24 alpine flowers, ...

Discontinued App


LITE-VERSION OF THE FAMOUS SWISS MADE APP ‘AlpineFlower Finder’ This free, cut-down version offers a small selection of 24 alpine flowers, with only 1 to 2 large-scale images per flower and their botanical information, but with all the features of the full version, AlpineFlower Finder, version 2.0.0. This gives you a sneak peak of the app and the opportunity to experience its high quality and functionality. In contrast to the full version, the lite version will not be updated with additional flowers and images. *** AlpineFlower Finder - FULL VERSION: APP OF THE WEEK ‚Sonntagszeitung’ 19th January, 'Woche-Pass.ch' 20th March, 'The Sun' 2nd April 2013 *** *** Top 5 refenrence App in Switzerland since March 2013 - Top 1 reference App: May 19th to June 19th *** The full version contains 148 alpine flowers and 468 full screen pictures - and will be updated with further pictures and additional flowers. The Swiss App to easily and reliably identify the most beautiful alpine flowers from Central Europe. The educational game remembers the players’ correct and incorrect answers and adapts to each individual’s learning success. With every correct answer for a flower, it is ranked lower in priority, while the others come up more frequently. This helps app users to systematically learn the names of the alpine flowers. IDENTIFYING AND FINDING FLOWERS IS EASY! The flowers can be searched by: flower colour, flower composition, leaf shape and/or flowering period - or by text searching. Our catalogue can be sorted alphabetically by either name, family or genus. AlpineFlower Finder allows the user to create their very own list of favorites, adding notes and pictures. The list can also be complemented by adding photos of flowers taken directly during the mountain walks. Every flower’s most important botanical information is included: - Scientific name of flower and family - english, german, french and italian name - Flower colour - Flower composition - Leaf shape - Blooming period - Stem - Size - Distribution area - Location - Altitude - Species conservation * AlpineFlower Finder does not require an internet connection * We welcome your questions, thoughts and suggestions. Please contact us! support@webgestalten.ch


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.0

Size: 13.7 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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