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Am I Done?

"...in a world full of thoroughly useless apps, some true genius has come along and made one that takes the nagging out of parenting..." -Mira Jacob, ...

Discontinued App


"...in a world full of thoroughly useless apps, some true genius has come along and made one that takes the nagging out of parenting..." -Mira Jacob, Yahoo Parenting Editor Rated Top 15 Parenting Apps by Maternity & Style! Do you ever wonder if your kids are REALLY washing their hands and brushing their teeth as well as they should? Do you find yourself arguing with you kids over picking up their toys? Finishing their food? Taking a bath? Am I Done is a simple and fun mock “detector” that allows you to “scan” your kids and decide if they are finished. Just choose the detector you want and then as it scans, lightly touch the invisible buttons on the right side of the screen to trigger your response. In the bottom right corner is a button for “OK” and above that, a button for “Try Again.” Adorable cartoon animals will tell your kids if they are finished or not. Am I Done comes with the following detectors included: -Brushing Your Teeth -Washing your Hands -Taking a Bath -Taking a Shower -Cleaning up Your Room/Toys -Putting on Sunscreen …or simply adapt the app to whatever chore or task you like… Am I Done is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. GREAT REVIEWS FROM MAJOR PARENTING BLOGS: "I tried this trick out with my 3 kids, and they all thought that my iPhone actually was scanning them or their room, and, believe it or not, my wife was fooled as well. They all couldn’t believe that the iPhone or iPod Touch was capable of scanning for “cleanliness.” My kids asked questions like “do your hands have to be wet?” and “does it work with hair?” So I was 4 for 4 with my usability and testing (wife included). And, most importantly, it got my kids brushing, cleaning and washing just a little bit longer and harder." - HighTechDad.com (Parenting/Tech Blogger) "Let Am I Done? tell your child whether they’re finished or not. Instead of nagging and pleading and threatening you can let the app do the dirty work for you. Let that sad little raccoon motivate them to brush those teeth just a little bit longer." - TheiPhoneMom.com (Parenting/Tech Blogger) "My kids loves this app. It's like magic. Check it out. You'll love the sad raccoon." -SlamminSistah TIPS ON USING THE APP: -Give the app a few tries by yourself, before trying it on someone else -The best way to click the hidden buttons is to place your finger on the hidden button immediately after choosing the detector. That way, the device detects when you lift up your finger, which is very hard for a child to notice. This is much less conspicuous than "pressing" the button.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 6.8 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by TourBuddy Systems

Day of release: 2010-04-29

Recommended age: 4+

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