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School History Our History: Tradition and Pride Amador Valley High School is named after José María Amador, a wealthy rancher, soldier, and miner. ...

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School History Our History: Tradition and Pride Amador Valley High School is named after José María Amador, a wealthy rancher, soldier, and miner. Amador graduated its first students in 1923, and has a rich history and tradition of educating students in Pleasanton for 90 years. By 1967 Amador had outgrown its facilities, and Dublin High School was built. While Dublin High was being built, Amador ran double sessions in order to accommodate the large numbers of students attending. As the Pleasanton community continued to grow, Foothill High School was built. In 1988 the Amador Valley Joint High School District and the Pleasanton Joint School District unified and became the Pleasanton Unified School district. As the population at Amador continued to grow, and facilities continued to age, the district saw a need to update the facilities. A major renovation project was undertaken in the 1996-1997 school year and further school renovations were made in the early 2000’s with the addition of a two-story classroom building, and the refurbishing of the stadium and pool areas. Today, Amador Valley High School has over 2,600 students and about 200 staff members. Through the years, Amador Valley High School has maintained its rich traditions through academics, athletics, visual and performing arts, and community involvement. Amador takes great pride in its history, and looks to the future by working together to make a difference in the lives of its students. "Home of the Dons" What is a Don anyway? The term "Don" is a Spanish and Portuguese term used as a mark of high esteem for a distinguished nobleman, comparable to the British respect title "Lord." Famous Dons include Don Juan De Marco of literary and legendary fame and Don Diego de la Vega, the famous Zorro. The female version of this term is Doña, comparable to the British respect title "Lady." The titles are used by attaching them to a person’s given name. In order to respect his distinguished position, the man for whom our school was named was very likely to be called Don Jose María Amador. Hence, Amador Valley High School has been, and continues to be honored with respect for over 90 years as "The Home of the Dons!" Alma Mater Hail Amador, We’re loyal to thee evermore True to thee we’ll always be, Purple and Gold of Amador Hail Dons, Hail, our school and honor fame We salute you, We are proud for Amador is our name!


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