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Have you ever tried linking words together to form a chainðŸâ€—? For example, the last letter of “home” can be used to make “ever” and “ever” ...

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Have you ever tried linking words together to form a chainðŸâ€—? For example, the last letter of “home” can be used to make “ever” and “ever” that can be used to form the word “rate” and so on... Reckon that's easy for you? Now try this...! Did you also know that by carefully picking your words in a chain, a NEW word can be found using the “key” letters inside the chain? For example, the word ”HERE” can be made from this word chain: “Home”, “Ever” and “Rate”. By taking the first letter of each word (H, E and R) combined with the last letter in the chain (E), we can reveal a new word! There are many more words that can be discovered using this way, such as: Bake, Evil, List → BELT Ever, Rear, Ratio, Over → ERROR Coal, Live, Extra, Anger → CLEAR Photo, Organic, Cook, Knee, East → POCKET Amazing Words challenge is a fun game, specifically designed for kids, to help them build up their vocabulary and spelling. This app allows kids to logically find words in a word chain, of varying difficulties; actively engaging and challenging their minds. With every try they will be provided feedback whether their letters are incorrect, misplaced or correct. On completion, the secret word will be discovered from the word chain! Once you think you're a master at this game, why not challenge your friends by inviting them to play with Game Center! Will you be the master of Amazing Words? ✱✱✱ Key Features ✱✱✱ âœâ€ 3 different levels: No sweat, Getting harder and Amazingly difficult! âœâ€ More than 3,500 common english words; ideal for primary and high school children âœâ€ Randomly generated words each time for vocabulary training and learning âœâ€ Varying word length from 4 letters to 9 letters depending on difficulty âœâ€ Integrated with game center to challenge your friends! âœâ€ Challenge your friends directly by sending invites with email, Twitter or Facebook (iOS6 only)


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