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An Empty Bottle

The small zebra was sick and had to stayed in hospital. His friends Giraffe and Hippo brought him gifts, hoping he would get better soon. Finally, The ...

Discontinued App


The small zebra was sick and had to stayed in hospital. His friends Giraffe and Hippo brought him gifts, hoping he would get better soon. Finally, The small lion came, holding an empty bottle. This is a gift for the small zebra but why is it empty and why was he late? Products: Hong En’s "Chinese Reading for Kids" app series is the result of years of research by our experts in the field. Designed for kids aged 3-6, these books are beautifully illustrated and written to have your children reading for hours. Features: Informative content - the stories are based on parenting, emotional control, habits and science. Through reading these stories children can develop good habits, behavior and an interest in every day science. Multiple styles - Uses multi-picture style and a wealth of different writing styles from rhymes and chants to stories and poems. Operation mode: Little hands enjoy touching - "Hands on" is the natural behavioral characteristic of young children. Anywhere the children touch there will be something to find. This encourages the children to look through the pictures and discover as much as they can. Interesting – Children can find different sounds when tap different pictures. Standard pronunciation - With recordings done by professional recording artists, children will be hearing these words in their most natural and native form, giving them an early sense of tone, rhythm and stress, and our wonderfully illustrated characters make these books all the more fun and enjoyable. What better way is there to start learning! Hong En Character: Scientific rigor - This is the result of much careful planning and organization by Hong En’s educational specialists. After many tests - All content is taken and refined from the children’s books which have been under constant market research and teaching experiment in kindergartens. This refinement has ensured the production of the best most effective learning tool for your children. A fine production - This is not just your average point and read application. Lots of interactive games and activities combined with the useful test function to gauge your child’s progress, makes this a first class learning product designed with your child always in mind. Excellent quality and reasonable price - With all content coming from the books and the price being much lower than similar products on the market, there can be no question that what you are purchasing is a quality product at a decent price that will provide an invaluable learning tool for your child’s early learning! Hong En Send Words To Parents: The portable style of the iPad means that this application can be played anywhere at any time, very useful for places where toys and games are just not practical! A parent teaching by themselves is admirable, but it can get tiring and time consuming, not to mention inaccuracies in the parents learning being passed on. Let our app take away the worries and stresses! Using our learning resources not only frees up the parents, but also let kids develop their own style of learning, so they can go on to learn more efficiently, effectively and enjoyably in their own way. If you are an anxious parent searching useful way of child's studying, download this app now! Contact us: http://weibo.com/app4kids www.hongen.com pad@hongen.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 27.11 MB


Price: 0,99 €

Developed by Hongen Education and Technology Co., Ltd.

Day of release: 2011-10-2

Recommended age: 4+

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