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Andrew Lang (1844-1912), Scottish historian, translator, journalist, lecturer, anthropologist, poet, and author, is best known as one of the most important ...

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Andrew Lang (1844-1912), Scottish historian, translator, journalist, lecturer, anthropologist, poet, and author, is best known as one of the most important collectors of folk and fairy tales. Lang's Fairy Book series contain dozens of fairy tales, myths, fables, legends, and nursery rhymes including "Little Red Riding Hood", "Story of Wali Dad the Simple-Hearted", "The Story of Three Bears", "The Goblin Pony", "The Story of a Very Bad Boy", "The Groac'h of the Isle of Lok", "The Ugly Duckling", "The Snow Queen", "The Norka", "Rapunzel", "Schippeitaro", and "The Emperor's New Clothes". Andrew Lang Books provides the works of Andrew Lang as listed below: A Galloway Garland A Monk of Fife A Short History of Scotland Adventures Among Books Alfred Tennyson Angling Sketches Arabian Nights Aucassin and Nicolete Ballade of Aucassin Ballade of Autumn Ballade of Blind Love Ballade of Blue China Ballade of Difficult Rhymes Ballade of Life Ballade of the Book-hunter Ballade of the Bookworm Ballade of the Muse Ballade of the Royal Game of Golf Ballant o'Ballantrae Before the Snow Books and Bookmen Britannia Cock Lane and Common-Sense Culloden Custom and Myth Essays in Little For Mark Twain's Jubilee Historical Mysteries In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories Jeanne d'Arc John Knox and the Reformation Letters on Literature Letters to Dead Authors Lost Leaders Much Darker Days Myth, Ritual, and Religion Ode to Golf Oxford: Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes Pickle the Spy Prince Prigio Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia Rhyme of Oxford Cockney Rhymes Shakespeare, Bacon, and the Great Unknown Sir Walter Scott and the Border Minstrelsy Tales of Troy: Ulysses the Sacker of Cities The Blue Fairy Book The Book of Dreams and Ghosts The Brown Fairy Book The Crimson Fairy Book The Disentanglers The Fairy Minister The Fairy's Gift The Green Fairy Book The Grey Fairy Book The Haunted Homes of England The Lilac Fairy Book The Making of Religion The Mark Of Cain The Olive Fairy Book The Orange Fairy Book The Pink Fairy Book The Poet's Apology The Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot The Red Fairy Book The Valet's Tragedy and Other Stories The Violet Fairy Book The Yellow Fairy Book To Robert Louis Stevenson To the Gentle Reader Valentine in form of Ballade Woman and the Weed Powerful reader is also provided. You can adjust the size and color of the font as well as the background color. Night reading mode (dark mode) and highlight mode are also provided to make it suitable for reading at nights or when it is dark. When turning pages, the only thing you need to do is to simply slide your fingers. The page you were last reading will be automatically recorded and a bookmark can be inserted to anywhere you like. Also, you can write reading notes regarding to certain contents. In addition, an English dictionary is attached to the book for your word query at any time.


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