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※※※"Restore" your purchase if any game or scenes was locked after your updates, and it is FREE if you have already purchase it before.※※※ > 12 interactive ...

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※※※"Restore" your purchase if any game or scenes was locked after your updates, and it is FREE if you have already purchase it before.※※※ > 12 interactive games that teach kids about counting, writing, adding, subtracting, sequencing, patterning, dots, match and etc. > 20 unique animal circus rewards as: Playing Ants, Skipping Bird, Unicycle Bear, Acrobatics Came, Bowling Cat, Inverted Dolphin, Marching Elephant, Slide Fox, Hoop Giraffe, Dancing Horse, Balloon Hedgehog, Siding Iguana, Trampoline Kangaroo, Fire Lion, Flip Monkey, Rolling Panda, Skating Reindeer, Balancing Seal, Roller Tiger, Drum Zebra. > Uninterrupted and unlimited play: game continues as long as the play desires. > You can CUSTOMIZE the game by turning each activity ON or OFF in SETTING interface. The Circus is in town! 20 cute animals have prepared to show their unique, cute and amazing CIRCUS! Before each of their play, your child must finish each of the 12 cute games and activities in a playfully designed arena! It is recommended to kids ages 3-7. KIDS LEARN WHILE THEY PLAY: WRITE IT UP (FREE) Write the numbers from 1 to 9 by tracing the dots. (Each number has its unique animal dot) PATTERNS (FREE) Animals have prepared to play, but one is hiding in Eggs. Touch the eggs and find it to complete the pattern. SEESAW (FREE) Balance a seesaw by adding and subtracting animals. LESS/MORE(FREE) The circus cannon fire bubbles and groups of animals are inside each bubble! Use your expertise to figure out which bubble has either most or least animals inside. SWING (FULL VERSION ONLY) Count up to 20 as cat, monkey or tiger swing. MAZE (FULL VERSION ONLY) Can you help the toy find its owner? DOTS (FULL VERSION ONLY) Can you find the hidden animal by connecting the dots? SEQUENCES (FULL VERSION ONLY) Animals have a group of numbers in the right order; Help them complete the sequence with the correct numbers. ADDITION/SUBTRACTION (FULL VERSION ONLY) Use your addition and subtraction skills to solve math problems. BUBBLE POP (FULL VERSION ONLY) Clown loves to blow bubbles! Pop all the bubbles that have the right amount of animals inside before the time runs out! MATCH (FULL VERSION ONLY) Match the animals hidden behind cards with the right numbers! Animal Circus Math School is designed to be kid-friendly! There are no complicated menus for kids to get confused by, or multiple options to get lost in. kids presses one button to immediately launch into uninterrupted play. Now, let’s play it! So Educational! So Amazing! So fun! Contact Us:


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Version: 1.0

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Developed by Avocado Mobile Inc

Day of release: 2013-01-17

Recommended age: 4+

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