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These lovely animal flashcards contains 50 common animals from elephant, tiger, parrot to whale, come with animal`s voice. The animal`s ...

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These lovely animal flashcards contains 50 common animals from elephant, tiger, parrot to whale, come with animal’s voice. The animal’s names are available in both English and Mandarin which are audible by touching. It is specially designed for using either as game card or learning card. For game card: Use as game card to play guessing game with your children and get involve with their learning moments. The front cards shows the back of the animal, take a guess on the animal’s name and touch animal for voice hint if necessary. For answer, swipe the card to flip for animal face, touch the texts for pronunciation. This game can helps to enhance children’s imagination, analyze power and their memory. For Learning: Children can do their self- learning on the animal names by touching the text (English or Mandarin) besides listening to the animal’s voice by touching the animal picture. These lovely animal flashcards is ideal for parent involvement and quality time sharing with children while they learn. Children will love it because they can learn while having fun with their parents. You will get more than what you pay for! Features: 50 lovely common animal flashcards Suitable for children from 2-6 years old Text available in both English and Mandarin, audible when touch Dual guessing and learning purposes Compatible for iphone and ipad 这套可爱çš„识物卡包含了50种常见çš„动物,如大象、老虎、鹦鹉、鲸鱼ç­‰,而ä¸â€è¿˜é…æœ‰åŠ¨Ã§‰©Ã§š„叫声。每张卡片有动物çš„中英文名称,点击字体时还可以发声。它独特çš„两ç
来学习认识动物çš„名称。 游戏模式:您可以与小朋友一块儿玩猜动物游戏,同时参与ä»–们çš„学习。从动物çš„背面猜动物çš„名字,如需要声音提示时可以点击动物çš„背面。想要知道ç­â€æ¡ˆæ—¶,滑动卡片即可揭晓动物çš„真面ç›®,点击动物名字字体还可以发声。这个游戏有助于提高孩子çš„想象力、分析能力和记忆力。 学习模式:小朋友可以自己学习动物çš„名字(英文或中文),只要点击字体就可以学习发音,点击动物时还可以听动物çš„声音。 这套识物卡不但可以让小朋友们ç
来学ä¹ ,还可以提高亲子间互动çš„机会,让家长有机会参与小朋友们çš„学习。小朋友们一定会非常喜爱它,因为学习çš„同时可以和父母一起玩乐。这肯定是物超所值çš„! 简介: 50张可爱动物çš„识物卡 适ç
于2至6岁çš„小朋友 识物卡上有动物çš„中英文名称,点击字体时还可以发声 拥有游戏与学习模式 æ 持iphone 与ipad


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