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Now unlocked all levels!!! Wake up! Time to exercise your brain! Start your warm-up with a memo. Here, you`ll practise your memory and learn ...

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Now unlocked all levels!!! Wake up! Time to exercise your brain! Start your warm-up with a memo. Here, you’ll practise your memory and learn English, work on your concentration and get to know the letters. All in one! Welcome to our new game from the "ANIMALS" series, in which you can continue to play with the 42*** funny animals you have already befriended. Visit four*** different environments - Safari, Farm, Ocean and Forest. First, choose the number of elements to make up your game. Beginners can choose the memo with 12 pictures. After a bit of practice, increase the number to 16. Champions can challenge themselves to 20 elements! In every option, there are 3*** increasingly difficult levels of fun and learning. The first involves matching two identical pictures; their names are read out. On the second and third level, each picture must be matched with its name. The difference is that on the second level the name is read out, while on the third you have to do without the child speaker’s clue. The player's task is to find pairs of tablets, showing the same animals represented either by a picture or a name. When touched, the tablets turn over, always revealing only two elements. If both refer to the same animal, they remain uncovered. Otherwise, they turn back over again. It is worth hurrying. The best players, who complete the memo in the shortest time, will be rewarded with medals: gold, silver or bronze. Do you want to be a champion? Children will love our cute animals. So do not be surprised that it can be really hard to pull them away from the fantastic fun they are having with their cartoon friends. "ANIMALS - Memo" - you can forget about forgetting! *** 42 animals, 4 environments, 3 levels and 36 boards are available in the full version. 1 environment - Safari with 10 animals and 2 levels is free, the others can be bought inside the game in one pack. After buying the three locked environments and one level of Safari, the locks are removed and available in the full version, which includes: - 42 animals - names of animals read out by a child speaker - 4 environments: Safari, Farm, Ocean and Forest - choice in the number of the memo elements: 12, 16 or 20 - 3 levels of difficulty - 36 boards - iq mode stimulating mental activity - intuitive interface See other games by YUMMY Factory from the “ANIMALS” series: - “ANIMALS - Names and Sounds” - “ANIMALS HD - Names and Sounds” - “ANIMALS - Places” - “ANIMALS - Sequences”


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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