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Animals 3

TumbleBooks goes mobile! TumbleBooksToGo is excited to offer 3 great animated picture books, all about ANIMALS in one convenient app bundle for only ...

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TumbleBooks goes mobile! TumbleBooksToGo is excited to offer 3 great animated picture books, all about ANIMALS in one convenient app bundle for only $2.99! Where do animals live? What do different animals eat? Learn all about what makes all sorts of animals special and how they’re not so different from humans after all! TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books that feature text, narration, animation, and sentence highlighting! They make reading accessible and fun in a format kids will love!! It will transform your child’s reading, and keep them engaged in a fun and mobile reading experience. Read TumbleBooks in the car, on a plane, even standing in line, or just relaxing at home - there will soon be hundreds more low-cost TumbleBooks available at the tips of your fingers! TumbleBooks is the leading publisher of online interactive animated picture books for children. Tumblebooks have been enjoyed by children for over ten years and currently distributed through over 10,000 schools and libraries across North America. TumbleBooks are created from existing picture books from North America’s biggest and best children’s publishers such as Chronicle Books, Charlesbridge Press, Annick Press, Simon and Schuster, and many others A Platypus, Probably Published by Charlesbridge Books Written by Sneed B. Collard, and illustrated by Andrew Plant What has a bill like a duck's and the body of a beaver? A platypus, probably! Engaging text follows a female platypus through her life, offering in-depth information about this unique monotreme and her environment. Vivid, accurate illustrations capture the wonder of this amazing creature. Dinosaurs Road, Butterflies Roar! Published by Chronicle Books Written and illustrated by Bob Barner What are as light as a feather and as old as the dinosaurs? Butterflies! Award-winning author, Bob Barner brings us a wonderful look at the amazing history of butterflies, and how their lives intersected with the dinosaurs millions of years ago. Readers will be fascinated to discover that when they stop to admire a beautiful butterfly, a dinosaur may have once done the same! Lewis Cardinal’s First Winter Published by Charlesbridge Books Written by Darrin Lunde, and illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne Lewis Cardinal is confused as his woodland friends get ready for winter. Should he stay or go? Solomon explains hibernation and migration, leading Lewis to understand the process of change and friendship.


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