Annual Leave

Annual Leave manages your leave days. Spent days and remaining days don't get out of sight with Annual Leave. With Annual Leave, your leave can be stored ...

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Annual Leave manages your leave days. Spent days and remaining days don't get out of sight with Annual Leave. With Annual Leave, your leave can be stored with several possible settings and additional information. Leave can also - if desired - be saved in a freely choosable calendar on your device. A special calendar view provides an nice overview of all your leave. The app supports leave planning based on days as well as hours. For the hour based leave there is also a feature to configure timetables for the automatic calculation. In addition to the calendar view, all leave days can also be listed in a complete overview table. The monthly overview page will show groups of leave days that are summarized per month (e. g. overtime). Custom categories help to even more individualize and categorize your leave, with several settings (e. g. leave shall be summarized monthly) and custom colors. Features: • Automatic calculation of remaining days (available, spent, remaining) • Manage leave day based or hour based • Calendar view • Complete overview of all years • Monthly overview • Configurable email-requests when adding new leave • Freely choose which weekdays are non-work days (default: saturday and sunday) • Support for public holidays • Additionally save leave in iphone/ipod/ipad calender • Freely choose beginning of the leave year • Sick Leave • Overtime • Create custom categories for your leave • Configure timetables for hour based leave calculation • Save leave with unknown dates • Import/Export of leave to/from calendars of the device • Manage multiple users • Data can be backed up to Dropbox, and restored on other devices (including iPad Version of the app) All leave days can be exported to a calendar on the device (local calendar or network calendar) via the apps export-feature. This way, a backup of all data can be created, which can also be imported again on other devices (in case a network calendar is used). More info, FAQ & support at •• iCloud synchronization support notice •• Annual leave is prepared to sync all data wirelessly between devices (iPhone/iPod version, iPad version). However, iCloud support is reported to not be 100% stable and reliable, therefore iCloud support has been deferred. As soon as iCloud sync is proven to work reliably, an update will be submitted to allow synchronization via iCloud. The iPhone/iPod app is compatible with the soon available iPad version. Once iCloud support is added, you will be able to synchronize data between iPhone/iPod and iPad version.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0.4

Size: 1.61 MB


Price: 0,83 €

Developed by Patrick Fial

Day of release: 2010-10-8

Recommended age: 4+

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