This unique video camera app records anonymous movies effortlessly without post processing. Multiple faces in the video are automatically detected, tracked ...

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This unique video camera app records anonymous movies effortlessly without post processing. Multiple faces in the video are automatically detected, tracked and processed to be blocky in real time during recording. Voices are grossly distorted and disguised with options. You can also choose any picture on your phone to be a mask such as another person's face. Sample masks are included. This app performs gradient alpha blending in real time with the center of the mask rendered to be the most opaque. Masks are automatically scaled to fit each face detected in the video frame. All movies are saved in your regular camera roll with no watermarks or ads. Movies can be recorded in portrait or landscape mode since face detection works in all orientations. The face detection algorithm will switch orientations automatically as you rotate the phone. SOME IDEAS TO TRY: - Take a picture of your friend at a party. Using their face as the mask, make a movie of the whole gang. Everyone will have your friend's face in the movie. Turn on the voice changer and you can all sound like a pack of wolves (or chipmunks). - Browse the web for a funny or famous face, or any picture. Pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously on your phone will capture a screen shot to the Camera Roll. Use that picture as your mask. The app lets you scale and position screen shots and photos before using them as masks. Kids especially love it when they see animal faces on themselves! - Take a picture of the scenery behind you and immediately use that picture as your mask. Your face will appear camouflaged. Advanced users can use their favorite computer drawing program to apply an alpha channel to the picture, cut out eye nose and mouth holes, and make a custom camouflage mask. Importing custom masks into the app from your computer is as easy as drag and drop with iTunes File Sharing. - Using your favorite computer drawing program, start with a 300x300 square blank image that is transparent. Scribble words in the forehead region; draw tattoos or a fake mustache. Drag and drop your drawing into iTunes File Sharing to import it into the app. Your mask will be transparent on your face in the video except for what you drew. Multiple faces will be detected simultaneously and everyone will have the same mask. - Select a voice disguise option in the app to match the effect, e.g., disguised deep and low, squeaky high, or robotic wavering. For iOS 8 you must allow camera access under Settings->Privacy->Camera->Anonymovie. Your anonymity is not guaranteed with use of this app. Show off pictures and movies of your creations. @FCWCOLLC #Anonymovie


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 2.42 MB


Price: 1,75 €

Developed by FCW Consulting LLC

Day of release: 2013-10-20

Recommended age: 4+

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