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answer2equations™ FREE DOWNLOAD LIMITED TIME OFFER Instruction video on youtube Description: Answer2equations™ is the perfect mathematical combination of fun and learning. There’s a difficulty level for everyone! Solve problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are 60 total cards, 5 sets of cards numbered 1 thru 12. The object of the game is to use Arithmetic functions (+ - x /) to come up with Solutions that match the Answer Card. You will be dealt a set of cards and an Answer Card. (the circled arithmetic function only comes into play in the more advanced levels). Using the dealt set of cards, you must come up with equations that result in the Answer Card number. If a solution cannot be found, then a new card is dealt and added to the original set. There are four level of Game play. Easy, Ambitious, Challenging, and Mind-blowing. There are a few general rules that must be applied to all levels of play: 1. Players can use pencil and paper, but NO CALCULATORS are allowed. 2. There are no zeros, and no negative numbers. 3. No step of any equation can be made up of two “result numbers” [a result number is one that comes from the interaction between any two numbers (see sample below)]. 4. You must use the result number on the next equation. (the result number will be in GREEN) 5. To erase an equation or part of an equation, just swipe the equation and the previous cards will show back up on the screen. 6. For the ambitious, challenging and mind-blowing levels, there is a Scratch Pad for you to make free hand calculations. 7. If you get stuck, there is a HELP button. Under the Help button you will see several options: a. (NO SOLUTION) will show only if there are no solutions. b. (DEAL A NEW CARD) will show only if there are no solutions. c. (SHOW ALL SOLUTIONS) - max 50 solutions. d. (HINT) will show how to come up with the solutions. 8. Players can set a time limit for each game. To exit a game, touch the answer2equations™ logo (on top left hand corner) to go back to the main menu. Touch the type of game in order to restart the game (game type next to the answer2equations™ logo). Sample: Set of cards dealt: 3 6 5 8 Answer card dealt: 6 1. 6–5=1 3-1=2 8-2=6 2. 8–3=5 5/5=1 1x6=6 3. 6–3=3 5-3=2 8-2=6 No matter how you decide to play the game, the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 6.11 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by alan chien

Day of release: 2012-01-30

Recommended age: 4+

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