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Apocalepsy 911

On September 10th, 2001, a young woman moves into her very first apartment in New York City, just two blocks from the World Trade Center. With Apocalepsy ...

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On September 10th, 2001, a young woman moves into her very first apartment in New York City, just two blocks from the World Trade Center. With Apocalepsy 911, Verane Pick takes you through her journey and her battle against PTSD in this uniquely interactive, serialized and artistic transmedia experience. (Version française incluse.) On September 11th, her world, along with thousands of others, would fall apart. Apocalepsy 911 is a five-voice novelization of her experience of September 11th and the aftermath. It paints, through the different angles of her psyche, an unusual, visceral portrait of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the numbing depression that often follows. It’s a book. It’s an App. In your hand is the first incarnation of a serialized, expanding and evolving app – an interactive transmedia experience where film, sound, animation and imagery transport you through the book in a truly novel and visceral way. It’s a flow of powerful images, videos, music and artwork that immerse you in both the vision that gave birth to the book – and the one that came out of it. It’s a wealth of information, interviews and resources to remember 9/11, support its victims, and explore paths that may help you or your loved ones recover and heal. It’s a place for community and catharsis where your story can be shared: your experience of the tragedy, your understanding of trauma and the unique ways you have found to work through hardship, with treatment, personal expression or art. It’s the exploration of a new medium; the first fully-integrated fiction app-book of its kind. This app is: - a portal for an ebook and the first installment of its media supplements - an exclusive film tribute to the victims of 9/11 and their families - information and important links, including our website (www.apocalepsy911.com) where you’ll be able to start sharing experiences and learn more Watch for our regular updates, you’ll have access to: - The first fiction full transmedia app-book; as you flip through the pages on your device, text unfolds and comes alive with pictures, film, animation and interaction - An evolving collection of videos, photography, music and visual artwork - 9/11, Trauma & Recovery - testimonies & tributes revisiting 9/11; interviews, documentaries and resources exploring different arrays of traumatic response and potent alternative avenues of trauma recovery - Your Voice, Your Story - Aside from our community forum, you will get the opportunity to share artwork and documents inspired by your own personal struggles; the opportunity to be part of a dedicated 9/11 art collective About the Author As many individuals affected by 9/11, Verane Pick never gave much thought to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Certainly she would have never thought she suffered from it. She just thought there was something deeply wrong with her. She began writing in 2002 while on the verge of a nervous breakdown: a compendium of feelings and fears, obsessive thoughts, memories and emotions. She didn’t suspect what it would turn into: a dysfunctional odyssey through a fragmented maze, where grief, fantasy, anger and confusion held her tightly captive for the 10 years that elapsed since 9/11. Only when she finished the book, did she realize that perhaps what she had been struggling with was in fact PTSD and that maybe she was not alone. There was born the ambition behind this book and the entire transmedia project: to share an experiential journey through the many aspects of 9/11 and PTSD, and to partake in something that may have a positive impact on the tremendous and often invisible damage that tragedies, public or private, inflict upon the frailty of our souls. This book and entire endeavor is dedicated to the victims of 9/11, their families and loved ones and to those everywhere who sometimes doubt there can ever be an end to their suffering. May there always be a light in their darkness.


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