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App Iechyd Da (Good Health App) is a valuable learning, teaching and research resource for all medical and healthcare students in Wales. It aims to highlight ...

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App Iechyd Da (Good Health App) is a valuable learning, teaching and research resource for all medical and healthcare students in Wales. It aims to highlight the importance of Welsh Language Awareness for such students who during their academic studies have to successfully complete a significant amount of time in the real life of clinical, local authority, private and voluntary sectors. Such placements are often in communities and with individuals whose first language is Welsh. This current educational resource will develop a better respect and understanding of the value attached to the use of the Welsh language in education and practice in Wales. Whether on or off campus this valuable and regularly updated learning resource will be accessible at all times enabling students to enter it in order to better inform their practice, outlook, understanding and academic work. It is well documented the need for all healthcare students across all higher education establishments across Wales to be aware and to respect the significance of the Welsh language in the public sector. The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 will set out standards which Healthcare practitioners and providers will have to comply with. Individual Welsh language policies are in use throughout Wales and policies such as the Welsh Assembly Government’s Iaith Pawb (2003), Gofal Cymru, and LLAIS (2011) aims to revitalise and encourage the use of Welsh language, and increase awareness of language opportunities and barriers within health and social care. App Iechyd Da is free, and a handy resource for any student studying any aspect of Healthcare within Wales, and beyond. A significant number of students with iPhones, iPod touch and iPads will be able to access useful and current information relating to all aspects of the Welsh Language within higher education, health and social care practice within Wales. Although the main focus of the App will relate specifically to the use of and the increased profile of the Welsh Language when used in healthcare, there will also be a focus on Wales’s specific policies and procedures especially those relating to healthcare education within the higher education sector. The App will be used as an important learning resource including as a tool to provide basic Welsh phrases for students to apply when out on clinical placements. ------ Bydd App Iechyd Da yn adnodd gwerthfawr i hybu dysgeidiaeth a sgiliau ymchwil i fyfyrwyr maes iechyd a gofal cymdeithasol yng Nghymru. Mae’n amlwg bod disgwyl i fyfyrwyr maes iechyd fod yn ymwybodol o bwysigrwydd defnydd o’r iaith Gymraeg yng Nghymru. Y bwriad yw amlygu pwysigrwydd defnydd o’r iaith Gymraeg i fyfyrwyr a fydd yn ystod eu hastudiaethau yn gorfod cwblhau amser helaeth yn gweithio o fewn amgylcheddau clinigol, gofal cymdeithasol, gwaith preifat a hefyd gwaith gwirfoddol yn y gymuned. Yn aml mae myfyrwyr iechyd yn gorfod gweithio mewn cymunedau a gydag unigolion a fydd yn defnyddio’r iaith Gymraeg. Bydd yr App o gymorth i fyfyrwyr barchu defnydd o’r iaith o fewn y gwasanaeth iechyd a gwaith cymdeithasol. Y bwriad yw diweddaru’r wybodaeth yn aml, a bydd hyn yn agored i fyfyrwyr i’w ddefnyddio o fewn maes iechyd a gofal cymdeithasol a’u hastudiaethau academaidd o fewn prifysgolion a cholegau. Mae’r App ar gael yn rhad ac am ddim, ac yn adnodd i unrhyw un sydd yn astudio neu yn gweithio o fewn maes iechyd a gofal cymdeithasol yng Nghymru a thu hwnt. Er mai prif ffocws yr App yw codi ymwybyddiaeth ynglŷn â phwysigrwydd defnydd o’r iaith Gymraeg o fewn maes iechyd mae cyfle hefyd i unigolion ddeall mwy am bolisïau a deddfwriaeth sydd yn ymwneud â iechyd, gofal cymdeithasol ac addysg uwch yng Nghymru. Ar gael hefyd fydd rhai o dermau Cymraeg a fedr eu defnyddio gan unigolion di Gymraeg tra’n gweithio gyda chleifion a chymdogion Cymraeg eu hiaith.


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