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Be a Better Driver. Turn off Distracted Driving. The Apps4Driving team is on a mission to provide exciting and interactive applications for Smartphones ...

Discontinued App


Be a Better Driver. Turn off Distracted Driving. The Apps4Driving team is on a mission to provide exciting and interactive applications for Smartphones that promote, develop, improve and reward safe driving behaviors. As the parent of a teenager, the decision to let your child start driving is one of the greatest sources of stress and anxiety. Are they on the road now? Are they speeding? Are they texting and driving? Did they make it home okay? App4Drivers is the tool to answer those important questions. One of the keys to developing safe driving habits is establishing, and clearly communicating exactly what your definition of safe driving is…. App4Drivers takes advantage of smart phone technology to provide parents with an affordable and fun tool that promotes, develops, improves, and documents safe driving behaviors. It’s a measurement tool that assists you in painting a clear picture of your driving expectations. The revolutionary new App4Drivers is an easy to use, fully customizable application for both the iphone and iPads. It’s designed from the ground up with parents of teen drivers in mind. The app helps your teen driver improve their skills by providing both audible and visual feedback if they approach your set limits for acceleration, braking, turning or top speed. App4Drivers allows your child to actively adjust their driving behaviors to be in-line with your expectations. Sophisticated software logs any instance of driving that exceeds your pre-established limits and provides you with detailed information on the event including the location using color Maps. The Apps4driving team is committed to eliminating the senseless fatalities directly attributed to distracted driving. App4drivers documents any phone calls, texting, or web surfing activity while active and logs the infraction for your review. Coaching is an important part of helping your teen become a better driver. At the end of every trip, a detailed summary report and map is produced indicating where the drive started, the destination, instances of distracted driving, and the exact location where  any of your set limits have been exceeded. As a parent, you can choose to review the logs with your teen after-the-fact and provide valuable coaching or, keep a closer eye on them by opting to receive text messages or email reports in real time. App4Drivers is designed to help your teen - Be a Better Driver. Join the team today and help turn off Distracted Driving. Visit us  at the App4Drivers Facebook page for more exciting information and resources you can use to help lower the stress and anxiety associated with teen drivers.


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