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AppCan – everything your company needs for field working. AppCan for iPhone and iPad is the perfect tool for field-based staff such as engineers, data ...

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AppCan – everything your company needs for field working. AppCan for iPhone and iPad is the perfect tool for field-based staff such as engineers, data audit collectors or inspectors. You can use it to collect data, distribute documents such as product specs, and even send alerts to your people in the field. What’s more, it’s secure, and you can easily customise it to suit your company’s needs. APPCAN – THE TOOL FOR BUSINESS FIELD WORK AppCan gives you the power and flexibility you need in fieldwork software, without the expensive development costs. And it’s all wrapped up in the convenience of a mobile app. You can configure AppCan to suit your business using our clean, simple and intuitive web interface. TAILOR YOUR FIELD DATA COLLECTION Using AppCan’s web interface, you can create data collection ‘mini-apps’, tailor-made for your business. Your employees can then collect the data your business needs in the format you prefer. MAKE DATA COLLECTION EASIER BY DESIGNING YOUR OWN FORMS AppCan’s ‘Form Builder’ is a simple web interface that lets you create a template for laying out data from the ‘Data Collector’ app in AppCan. If you wish, you can then print out hard copies of the form. ACCESS IMPORTANT DOCUMENTATION – IN THE FIELD No need to carry hard copies or search online, AppCan lets your field workers access technical schematics, product sheets, manuals or other important information directly from their iPad or iPhone. AppCan’s web interface lets you build your own folder structure for storing documents, before deciding which documents are pushed to AppCan on your users’ devices. KEEP EVERYONE UP-TO-DATE AppCan’s ‘Alerts’ function lets you broadcast messages to selected employees. Far more efficient than text messages or email, even offering a ‘read’ function, to let you know which of your recipients have seen your message. INTERROGATE YOUR DATA ANY WHICH WAY What’s the point in gathering data if you can’t slice and dice it the way you like? Our exceptional data grids let you edit, sort, filter, group, print and export your mobile records to your heart’s content. KEEP ALL YOUR INFORMATION SECURE AppCan uses security of the same standard you’d find on a banking app, with high security encryption on the web backend too. Speaking of your data, it’s worth mentioning here that we guarantee your data is always yours. If you choose, you can even exclude AppCan staff from having access to the data held within your part of our cloud storage solution.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.3.1

Size: 3.19 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by App Can Ltd

Day of release: 2014-09-16

Recommended age: 4+

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