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AppWriter Pocket is the iPhone version of AppWriter for the iPad. AppWriter is the first text editor to offer users of all ages with reading and writing ...

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AppWriter Pocket is the iPhone version of AppWriter for the iPad. AppWriter is the first text editor to offer users of all ages with reading and writing disabilites the necessary tools for unlocking a world of information. AppWriter is packed with incredible assistive features. All tools and features are seamlessly integrated and comprise context based word suggestions, text-to-speech, OCR and a PDF-reader. NB! If you experience any problems with the app, please email us at, before you write it in a review. Then we can help you ;-) Read Aloud -------------- High quality synthetic voices ensure a great user experience. Different reading strategies cover many of the typical use cases. Choose between different reading strategies: • Read from cursor position • Read selection of text • Read sentence by sentence • Read words as you type Stunning visual tools even highlight the text as it is being read aloud. Word Prediction ----------------- AppWriter contains a word prediction feature. Word prediction enables you to develop your writing skills by providing the tools to construct sentences with ease. Context based word suggestions will allow you to produce high quality work and reduce the time it takes to do so. AppWriter predicts the word you want to use next. This means that you will be less likely to make grammatical or spelling errors. Word prediction is available with the ability to hear each word before selection. OCR ------ The powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in AppWriter means that any paper document or image becomes accessible. Textbooks, photocopies and handouts are easily converted into text documents. The text can be spoken out loud by AppWriter with color highlighting or edited. Languages ------------- AppWriter comes with one free language. Additional language are offered through in-app purchases. The following languages are available: American English Australian English British English Danish Dutch French German Spanish Swedish Manage documents -------------------- How do you manage the created documents? It can be emailed, copied to clipboard for use in another app, send directly to Twitter, Facebook or even as an SMS. Profile -------- We introduce a unique profile. - If you create a new profile in AppWriter, you get access to your own user dictionary and phonetic spelling. - An active internet connection is required to create a profile - When you are online, your profile will automatically sync to AppWriter Cloud. - Your Profile is always accessible from any iPhone or iPad with AppWriter installed. As long as you have internet connection, you can log out of AppWriter on one device and log in to AppWriter on another device, and your profile will then automatically synchronize your dictionary and your phonetic spelling to that device. If you are not online, changes to your profile will synchronize when you are online again. PDF reader ------------------ You can now open a pdf file and read it aloud in AppWriter. Words will be highlighted as they are being read directly in the pdf file. About Wizkids ------------------ Wizkids is a Danish programming studio focusing on speech and language technology. Wizkids develop educational apps and assistive software for iOS devices. Wizkids are innovators and are defining the future of assistive solutions on mobile media by designing software that is easy to use and generally available in many languages.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5

Size: 17.51 MB


Price: 5,12 €

Developed by Wizkids A/S

Day of release: 2013-02-14

Recommended age: 4+

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