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Aquarium Theater: Music Education for Your Kids

Aquarium Theater: Music Education for Your Kids The music takes a look at the lives of the sea creatures in a dimly lit aquarium. The various marine ...

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Aquarium Theater: Music Education for Your Kids The music takes a look at the lives of the sea creatures in a dimly lit aquarium. The various marine animals drifting along the music on the stage shows the way for children to step into the magical scene The Carnival of Animals held by Saint-Saëns. Music has its pulse and also breath! Musical phrase is the breath of music. This is a story linked to music that helps children learn musical phrase and different instruments as well as discovering all about sea creatures and how to be polite, greet new friends and work with people who are different to them and they may not know. The critical period for brain development starts from the age of two to six, since children are receptive to instructions and are ready to coordinate their muscles. So, that is the best time for parents to shower their children with music delights! One of the wonderful delights would be classical music composed with. The story is based in an aquarium which is home to thousands of fish, including Tory and her classmates. Tory has a new classmate in her school called Doris. At first, Doris seems rather rude, but the fact is she’s harbouring a secret she hasn't told anyone. All of them, including new Doris, are going to give a performance in front of an audience, but they have started to forget what they practiced in rehearsal. Will Doris be honest with her new friends? Will they nail the show or fail? As the show begins, the children listen to the classical music and follow the movements of the fish, drawing a melodic contour. When the fish are full from eating and pause to have a break, it signifying the end of the musical phrase. The children also learn the structure of a music piece by figuring out the ‘short short long long’ musical phrase pattern. What will children learn from Aquarium Theatre? 1.When the fish stop for a break, it comes to the end of a musical phrase. In the music practice, different sea creatures represent different musical phrase, showing clearly when the musical phrases start and end. 2.A nice arrangement of the lengths and the pauses of the musical phrases are what it takes to create a melodious piece of music. Here, the ‘short short long long’ pattern is present in the music piece. Observing the trail of the sea creatures, the children contrast the length of musical phrase and find out the music structure. 3.The sea creatures go up and down as the music does. Sometimes they float to the top and sometimes they hide on the sea floor. By interacting with the graphic notation, the children draw the melodic contour. 4.Listening to the musically-rich melody, it is as if looking closely at all the sea creatures in a dimly lit aquarium. The music is created by flute, violin, viola, accompanied by two pianos which play the descending and ascending broken chords. With this enriching music piece, the children know more about different musical instruments and their timbres, and the music textures. We are on: •The Guardian: “50 best Android apps for kids 2013” •Red Rocket: “2013 Best Educational Android Apps” •Joy of Android: “ Top 10 Android Apps for Kids Learning” •Memory Pointer.com: “10 Best Android Apps For Kids From 2013” •Famigo “Famigo APProved Badge” awarded •Fun Educational Apps: “ Top Educational Apps” •The iPhone Mom 5 Star recommendation •The iMums •Smart Apps for Kids •Top Kids Apps


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