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Arcart´s Castle

★★★★★ Dream story of the children's educational cartoon classic series. ★★★★★ Great educational story about Courage and Face up to difficulty. One night, ...

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★★★★★ Dream story of the children's educational cartoon classic series. ★★★★★ Great educational story about Courage and Face up to difficulty. One night, little doggie were going through to get back home alone, there was rustling sound around and a white ghost appeared in front of him out of nowhere. It turned, out that Tenten was telling stories at Milky’s to everyone. Everyone was scared by Tenten’s story and huddled together, hid under the bench. Kitten kept saying:” it’s too scary. It’s too scary”! Tenten explained to them that it was only a story, no need to be scared, there was no ghost. “Really?” Kitten asked. But then he saw a white ghost flew by the window and got the chill down his spine. No one else saw it. It was indeed a ghost, and a lovely little one, it was headed for devil meeting at Arcart’s Castl. At this castle, a lot of devils gathered together, Arcart showed up and said to everyone:” I am devil prince, Arcart!!!”Everyone then shouted:,”Long live Arcart!!!”Arcart continued: ”My father is the great devil king, and I swear in front of the moon, we devils will rule the world! And make all fearful of us!!!” When everyone shouted, little ghost arrived. It did not look like a devil, so others asked how it is. It said: ”I don’t want to scare anyone, I just want to be friends with everyone. ” Others were more confused and decided not to talk to it, they thought it was dumb. Then, Kitten and others were ready to leave Milky’s house and go back home. But Kitten was still scared, he was not brave enough to go back home alone, but he felt starving; he had to have something to eat. Little ghost appeared and tried to make friends, it tried owl, bat and fish, but they did not pay attention to it. At last, he found that Kitten was walking in the forest alone, he headed to Kitten and saluted him, ”Hello! I am a little ghost…”Kitten ran for his life right away for what he saw was exactly like what Tenten described in those scary stories. Unconsciously, Kitten went into devil’s castle. All the devils decided to frighten Kitten with their scariest look; Kitten wasn’t frightened at all but kicked their butt. Kitten felt really starving and asked whether this was a dining hall. Little ghost turned up again and it still wanted to make friends with Kitten, but Kitten was still scared of it, he scampered off like a frightened cat. But everyone else was scared by Kitten.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 27.99 MB


Price: 0,99 €

Developed by Coolin software

Day of release: 2011-08-12

Recommended age: 4+

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