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Architecture Basic

Architecture Basic is the perfect tool for any Architect. This program contains over 100 formulas helpful for architect. In addition, this product also ...

Discontinued App


Architecture Basic is the perfect tool for any Architect. This program contains over 100 formulas helpful for architect. In addition, this product also includes Concrete and Excavations formulas, that perform calculations for excavating or filling soil, the concrete required for a job and the bricks required for a wall. It also includes special formulas just for architect for concrete and steel design, parking area and sidewalk design and even swimming pool design. The program includes basic formulas for wind load and wind overturning force. All of the formulas can be saved or E-mailed. The program includes favorites as well as recent formulas. The following are some of the formulas in the program: ACOUSTICS Acoustic Absorption Factor Acoustic Absorption Factor Room Absorption Reverberation Time-Metric Reverberation Time-Feet BEAM Beam Loads Single Span Uniforms Supports Free Vmax Supports Free Mmax One Free One Fixed Vmax One Free One Fixed Mmax Supports Fixed Vmax Cantilever Vmax Cantilever Mmax Uniform Load Two Spans Center Fixed Outer Free Vmax Center Fixed Outer Free Mmax Two Spans All Free Vmax 2 Center Fixed Outer Free Dmmax Uniform Load Tree Spans 3 Inner Fixed Outer Free Vmax 3 Inner Fixed Outer Free Mmax 3 Fixed Vmax 3 Fixed Dmmax Uniform Load Four Spans 4 Inner Fixed Outer Free Vmax 4 Inner Fixed Outer Free Mmax 4 Fixed Vmax 4 Fix Dmmax CONCRETE AND EXCAVATING Amount of Soil to Excavate of Fi Soil Amount Concrete Required for Job Cubic Yards of Concrete Cement Used Fine Aggregate Used Coarse Aggregate Used Weight of Material Weight of Cement Weight of Fine Aggregate Coverage From Concrete Total Bricks Needed with Half inch Bricks Needed In 8 Inch Wall Bricks Needed In 12 Inch Wall Bricks Needed in 16 Inch Wall CONCRETE Concrete Design Beam Shear Load Design Unit Shear Stress One Way Slab Design Design Load On A 1 Ft Wide Section DESIGN Parking Area Design Sidewalk Design Seating Capacity Area Minimum Window Area Culvert Size MATERIAL WEIGHT Material Weight in Lbs and Kilo Aluminum Brass 80/20 Cooper Zinc Brass 50/50 Bronze, Cobalt Brick Face Concrete Copper Earth Dry Loose Earth Packed Glass Plate Gold Iron Cast Iron Wrought Led Magnesium Bluestone Sandstone Granite Limestone Marble Mercury Nickel Paper Rubber Silver Steel Rolled Tin Sand Dry Loose Sand Dry-Packed Sand Wet Chalk Clay Ash Black Walhnut Beech Elm Birch Oregon Pine Cypres Red Pine Douglas Fir White Maple Ebon Hickory Indian Teak Maple White Oak, Chestnut White Pine Liquids Alcohol Ammonia Gasoline Kerosene Oil Water 4Deg C Sea Water Alcohol K Ammonia K Gasoline K Kerosene K Oil K Water 4Deg K Sea Water K Plates Flat Plates Square Plate Stress Square Plate Max Rigid Square Plate Stress Rigid Square Plate Max Flexible Circular Plate Stress Flexible Circular Max Rigid Circular Plate Stress Rigid Circular Max Flexible Rectangle Stress Flexible Rectangle Max Rigid Rectangle Stress Rigid Rectangle Max SHEAR Vertical Shear Rectangular Sections Shear Steel W, M, Or C Sections Steel Tee Sections Circular Sections Shear Horizontal Shear Rectangular Section Shear Steel W, M, And C Sections Steel Tee Sections Horz Circular Sections Horz Connections- Horizontal STEEL Vertical Shear Horizontal Shear Bending Moment Load STRUCTURAL Structures Total Safe Load Wind Load Against Building Wind Load Amplification Maximum Wind Force Wind Overturning Force Wind Uplift Load Resisting Strength Of Roof SWIMMING POOL Size Of Pool Pump Capacity Outside Water Required WOOD Wood Shrinkage Or Swellage Vertical Shear Wood Rectangular Section Circular Section Horizontal Shear Wood Rectangular Sections Circular Sections Connections


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Version: 2.7.5

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