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Calculate the area for an arbitrarily shaped (closed polygon) area of land. Choose the points that define the area of land by placing stakes (push pins) ...

Discontinued App


Calculate the area for an arbitrarily shaped (closed polygon) area of land. Choose the points that define the area of land by placing stakes (push pins) in a map. Choose either satellite or streets or both as reference points on the map. Accuracy is limited only by the accuracy of native map. You may either place stakes in the map directly or acquire data in the field directly using location services. There may be good reasons to choose one method over the other. Generally, marking exact points on the map directly using tap-and-hold-and-drag of crosshairs is going to be more accurate. However, if mapping data is not sufficient for your needs, you may acquire the data directly in the field assuming you have location services available on your device. In either case, once the data points are acquired, you can edit the map markers directly after the fact when you have mapping data available again. In summary, all you need is access to maps over WiFi OR 3G cell services. Cache your maps ahead of time if you need to and the app will still allow you to use the maps without a network connection. If you have no maps available but you have accurate enough location services, you may be able to record the land area anyway using just your current location. You can also search for locations (internet required) and take the map instantly to the location returned by doing the searches. GREAT FOR: • Farmers & ranchers can use to plan field/rangeland use. • Fireman planning firefighting requirements for an active fire. • Landman negotiating with farmers and cattlemen for oil exploration and drilling leases will also find this handy. • Realtors and investors can use to plan land acquisitions. FEATURES: • Universal app works on iPhone and iPad. • Use "tap, hold & drag" to place markers using crosshairs. • Or, use location services in the field and tap the flag button when you want to capture a point. • Choose points enclosing plot in clockwise only order. • App is as accurate as built-in maps are. See the image showing the football field as a reference calibration. • Does not require location services. • Email to anyone a KML mapping file for use in mapping applications. • Import a KML from email attachment to send area finder data to another device. • Email automatically attaches an image of the plot as well. • Email also contains all of the raw data required to re-construct a plot. • Any simple (convex OR concave) closed polygon will have its area calculated correctly. COMING: • Localization to more languages. • Calculator for transforming area into dollars or other metrics. • Also, we will add new features if you tell us about your needs. USERS PLEASE NOTE: 1) BE SURE TO WATCH OUR YOUTUBE HELP VIDEO FROM WITHIN THE APP OR OFF OF OUR SUPPORT WEB PAGE. 2) UNFORTUNATELY, WE HAVE DETERMINED THAT OUR ALGORITHM FOR AUTOMATIC PLACEMENT OF STAKES DOESN'T WORK. AND IN FACT, IT IS MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE. THE USER MUST DRAW THE SHAPE IN QUESTION IN A CLOCKWISE FASHION. ATTENTION: • The app does NOT require location services unless you need to record a property and maps are unavailable. • App requires access to the internet over WiFi or 3G for Maps to be accessible • App cannot reliably measure areas below approximately 4,000 m² (1 acre) in area -- see support website • The map must have features that are contextually informative so you can see where to drop pins • *OR* you can use location services without a map if one is not currently cached by the system. • Satellite imagery, used for reference points, may not depict recent natural or man-made changes. • Plotted areas (polygons) must be simple, i.e. they may not crossover.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5.2

Size: 1.49 MB


Price: 9,61 €

Developed by CHS Systems

Day of release: 2011-01-5

Recommended age: 4+

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