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Armenian Word Game `aka AWG` is an Armenian word game where the system generates Armenian words and you have to guess them. Simple. Straightforward. ...

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Armenian Word Game ’aka AWG’ is an Armenian word game where the system generates Armenian words and you have to guess them. Simple. Straightforward. No complexities. The player is challenged to guess the word that the system generates for him given 6 chances. If you're struck, don't worry or just keep on guessing random letters, instead, use the HINT button to get a hint about the word. Choose between these 6 categories. 1.Unique Armenian Names 2.Unique Armenian Surnames 3.Armenian Artists 4.World Capitals 5.World Countries 6.Hard words (verbs, adjectives, adverbs) If the words seem hard, and even the hints button is of no help; increase your chances by changing the “lives” from the options menu located at the main screen. Up there, you can also modify the amount of words you have to guess in order to win the mission. Whether you are a complete Armenian words guru, or a total amateur, this is the right game for you. AWG is the first Armenian Word game of this kind for iOS and Android operating systems, that suits every age. A definite time killer with an extensive educational benefits. Ideal to teach your kids Armenian words from their early stages. Download, sit with them and play Enhance your Armenian word dictation knowledge. If you didn’t guess a word, that’s ok. Because you just learned a one. Whether at home after dinner, or inside the car during traffic, or hanging out at the university with your friends, or waiting for a job interview, AWG makes the time go fast meanwhile strengthening your Armo word Knowledge. Also, very suitable for Armenians who live outside Armenia, specially in non-Armenian communities which renders them hard to practice the Armo Language. Download now and start guessing those words. Your comments are very important to us and we take them very seriously. Kindly send them to or leave a review below.


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