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Army Leadership

Learn how the U.S. Army creates some of the world`s best leaders. U.S. Army Leadership is the Army`s Field Manual 6-22 and is the Army`s ...

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Learn how the U.S. Army creates some of the world’s best leaders. U.S. Army Leadership is the Army’s Field Manual 6-22 and is the Army’s keystone field manual on leadership. It establishes leadership doctrine and fundamental principles for all officers, noncommissioned officers, and Army civilians. This manual uses the BE-KNOW-DO concept to express what is required of Army leaders. It is critical that Army leaders be agile, multi-skilled pentathletes who have strong moral character, broad knowledge, and keen intellect. They must display these attributes and leader competencies bound by the concept of the Warrior Ethos. Leaders must be committed to lifelong learning to remain relevant and ready during a career of service to the Nation. Army leaders must set the example, teach, and mentor, and this manual provides the principles, concepts, and training to accomplish this important task on which America depends. Chapters include: + Basis of Leadership + Leadership Defined + Leadership Roles, Leadership Levels, and Leadership Teams + Leader Character + Leader Presence + Leader Intelligence + Leading + Developing + Achieving + Influences on Leadership + Organizational Leadership + Strategic Leadership Competent leaders of character are necessary for the Army to meet the challenges in the dangerous and complex security environment they face. Now you can use these leadership principles and concepts to build your leadership skills. About ClearCut ClearCut is a smartphone publishing platform and visual reference information reader that presents content tailored for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. ClearCut’s user interface is clean, simple and unobtrusive to enhance and facilitate the user’s interaction with the content. In addition, ClearCut allows readers to use their fingers to flip through pages, pinch to resize text and images. Tap the center of the screen to access table of contents, search and bookmarks. ClearCut is connected to a publishing system that enables content to be quickly and efficiently converted into an app and published on the iTunes App Store. ClearCut delivers the next generation ebook and publishing system.


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