AroundCal is a very powerful calendar and organizer. If not all dates are equally important and urgent for you, then AroundCal is your app! You can mark ...

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AroundCal is a very powerful calendar and organizer. If not all dates are equally important and urgent for you, then AroundCal is your app! You can mark each date as "started" or "done", assign a priority to it, or highlight it as urgent. You can even add a photo, a voice memo, or a list to a date or use the great tagging function with template support: tap on a tag image and the attached address book entry or the list opens; add a new date, and with one tap on a tag image the last used data with this tag and this address will be inserted. For planning or for collection of accurate times use actions (ToDo´s) with due date and any number of break times. And organize your dates and actions in projects. Get AroundCal right now and highly recommend it your friends and colleagues! FEATURES: CALENDAR EVENTS - Set priority - Set an event as urgent - Change the processing status - Recurrent events, for example "every two weeks on Monday and Thursday" - Select a tag image ...... Import images from your photo album. These will automatically be converted into the tag image format. ...... assign an address from address book or history stack ...... reusable templates, including list, priority, etc. - Record a voice memo - Take a photo or choose one from your photo albums - Add a list: ...... one numeric value per list item ...... each list item is checkable ...... the list can be sorted automatically or manually ...... In-App "Users Lists": Create template lists from which you can quickly select - Send an event via e-mail in CSV format - Send event info to Facebook, Twitter, or by message (SMS) ACTIONS Beside the calendar you can create Actions (ToDo´s): - Title, location, due date, start date, end date, note, priority - Different views: Today, Scheduled, Started, Completed - Add any number of breaks - Create a calendar event from an action, and vice versa - Send a scheduled action via Bluetooth to another iPhone - Send actions via email in CSV format - In-App "Reminder-Sync": Synchronize with the iOS Reminder App PROJECTS & SOMETIME PROJECTS - Add projects to organize your events and actions - Collect your valuable ideas in sometime projects OTHER FEATURES - Automatically synchronized with the iOS calendar - Browse through all events of a week, a month or a year in the List View ...... full text search within the shown range, for example, "year". ...... numerous filter options - Jump fast to a date or calendar week in the calendar - Select different background colors for max. three holiday calendars - Cut / Copy & paste of events in the calendar - Automatic moving of "not done" events to "today" - Birthday icon and alerts, also Facebook birthdays. - Badge counters are highly configurable - Define the startup view: calendar, list, projects, etc. - In-App "Export Module": Send events and actions for a selected date range via email in CSV format - Built-in User Manual ----------------------------------------- email: twitter: -----------------------------------------


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Version: 3.20

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